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How did Nadia get ready for her anal scene? She practiced!

How did Nadia get ready for her anal scene? She practiced!

February 17th, 2017


It’s not that 40-year-old Nadia Night had never had anal sex before. She had. Lots of times. But this busty, exotic hottie hadn’t been fucked in the ass for a long time, and she was a little bit nervous about taking a big porn cock in her tight butthole. So what did she do? She practiced.

“My boyfriend fucked me in the ass. He has a really big cock, and I thought, ‘This will help me get ready for my scene, so he fucked me in the ass. I said to my boyfriend, ‘Hey, I need you to fuck me in the ass because I have to do this scene tomorrow and I’m really nervous about it.’ He said, ‘Okay, I’ll be right there.’

“We went to the fuck store, a random naughty fuck store, and he bought this dildo thing and this anal ease stuff, and then we put it on his dick and he put it on me. Then he just started putting his fingers in my ass, playing with my pussy, and then he started putting his dick in my ass a little at a time, because you have to get past that one point, and I was like, ‘Just do it already! Just fuck me in the ass!’ So he fucked me in the ass, and finally I said, ‘This is why I like this.’ It feels good once it’s in there. It stimulates my pussy and my ass at the same time.”

So, when Jimmy showed up with his porn-sized dick, Nadia’s asshole was ready for it.

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