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Jmac and Mrs. Jones got a thing going on

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Jmac and Mrs. Jones got a thing going on

March 15th, 2017


“What, you’re going to be late again?” is just about the worst thing the husband of a sexy MILF can hear (the worst being, “I just called my lawyer”), but those are the words 41-year-old Kandi Jones’ husband hears when he calls to tell her he’s going to be late getting home from work.

This is bad for Mr. Jones because his wife is ready for sex and horny.

“I was really hoping that we could spend some time together,” she tells him, meaning, “I really want to fuck.”

But then Kandi looks out the window and sees JMac, shirtless, washing her car. And, as we all know, there’s nothing a horny MILF likes to see more than a porn stud washing her car. Or delivering her pizza. Or fixing her plumbing. But, in this case, washing her car.

Looks like Kandi’s going to be okay with her husband being late and JMac’s going to be even better. How many side jobs do these porn studs have?

She invites him in, maybe for a drink.

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