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Taking a portion from Russel the Love Muscle

Arianna's Bridal Boob Bang

Arianna’s Bridal Boob Bang

Arianna's Bridal Boob Bang

We all agree that Arianna is the kind of girl you’d bring home to meet the parents, the kind of girl you might even take the big plunge with and marry. So let’s say you did marry Arianna. Of course, there’d be a big ceremony. A lavish reception with friends and family. But what would your wedding night be like? What would happen when you and your new wife retired to your wedding suite?

“Romance,” Arianna said. “Love. Passion. And plenty of sex! I know a lot of people don’t have sex on their wedding night, but I definitely would!”

So, maybe you’d be pooped from a night of partying, ready to hit the sack, maybe prepared to break your marital cherry the next morning. But then, Arianna takes off her wedding dress, and that idea goes flying out the window along with your bachelorhood.

“I would give you the best blow job I have ever given because you are my honey,” Arianna said. “I would make love to your penis. Then we would fuck however you wanted, and maybe I would suck you some more. And you could cum in my pussy if you wanted because you would be my husband, but perhaps you would like to cum on my tits. Whatever you want, I am yours now!”

Looks like you’ll be going to bed early from now on. But you might never go to sleep again.

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