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Taking a portion from Russel the Love Muscle

Valory Irene, your personal trainer

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Valory Irene, your personal trainer

January 15th, 2018


“In the summer, I run with my friends,” Valory Irene said. “I usually exercise in the morning. I like to do a lot of upper-body exercises.”

This is one of my favorite shoots from the Valory Irene series. She’s wearing the perfect outfit. The subdued makeup is the kind that doesn’t draw attention to itself. The location allows for a lot of creativity.

At this point in her relationship with SCORE, Valory is very capable and confident in front of the lens. In my opinion, Valory is one of the best girls SCORE has ever filmed.

“I was discovered by one guy,” Valory fondly remembered. “He was from Dublin, and he was visiting Ukraine.

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