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Two vagitarian lesbians go to work on each other

"When I Want To Fuck, I Don't Play Games Like Other Girls"

“When I Want To Fuck, I Don’t Play Games Like Other Girls”

'When I Want To Fuck, I Don't Play Games Like Other Girls'

Daylene Rio has been waiting. Waiting for a fuck delivery. Waiting for cock. And now that you’re here, the party starts! Sit back, relax and let Daylene give you her special touch. She’s eager to fill her slit with pole and make you explode.

What makes Daylene tick? She’s said it a few times. “I’m a dirty whore all the way. I wanna have fun. I want to spit over your cock and suck it. Have it fuck my pussy.” And in an interview, she went into detail.

“When I want to fuck, I don’t play games like other girls. I go for it. But once I have my man, I like when he tells me what to do, when he shows me who is the boss. That’s my nature. The more a guy talks dirty to me and bosses me around in bed, the hornier I get and the more I talk dirty.”

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