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daddy's little princess

Big-boobed cum lover

Czech lady Olarita posed nude for the July 2007 Voluptuous magazine and did a hardcore shoot as a massage parlor girl for She also banged herself with a vibrator in two solo scenes.

Nothing about Olarita’a appearance or personality would give anyone the idea that she did porn. She looks like a very big-boobed housewife you’d see examining the cucumbers at a fruit stand. So she did these few shoots and then vanished.

Cut to 2015 and an email from a European agency stating that she was looking to shoot again.

As I wrote, “The brunette Czech’s a strapping woman-next-door type with a big butt and big tits and no visible tats or piercings. The only difference between then and now is that Olarita has gained weight, her hair is longer and a different color and she’s shaved off the grand muff she had in 2007.”

I thought the weight gain was a positive thing. She looked hotter and sexier than she did in 2007.

Olarita didn’t say where she’d been or what she’d been doing during her humping hiatus.

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