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daddy's little princess

Eye candy Girl

I never would have guessed that Katie Thornton was into being bound and gagged; never would have imagined she’d dabble in other B&D fetishes. One of Katie’s fantasies is “being tied and gagged with hot girls in a three-way.”

Katie doesn’t look the type at all. When it comes to girls being chained and hog-tied by a bondage dude, I think of dark, Goth-looking weirdos who only come out at night. I don’t think of blonde, big-boobed bikini girls who look like they stepped out of a beach party movie. For many readers, Katie’s looks and body make her the ultimate SCORE Girl.

“The thing is to not be embarrassed. Everyone has some kind of fetish,” Katie said.

“I love to travel and explore new countries. I’m also a beautician and semi-permanent makeup artist. My mum is my best friend of all.

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