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Goldie bare

“I’ve had big tits since I was 13 and a D-cup,” said Goldie Blair, who modeled for a very long time but would take long breaks between shoots, as much as six years. “Guys ogle me and make comments. I will hear things like ‘Are those heavy? Can I help hold them up?’ Most of the time I zone out, because I’m used to it.”

Goldie, who was born in Sussex, England and moved to California, also told us, “I’ve had so many fun experiences the past 17 years of modeling.” Some of the scenes in those years of modeling include some hot tits-and-tugs scenes she did for us.

More from Goldie:

“The funniest thing a guy’s said to me was ‘Nice bounce.'”

“I swing both ways depending on my mood. I love clit play during sex. My sexual fantasy is to share a cute girl with big breasts with my man.”

“I usually like rough-and-ready men with long hair and tattoos, guys who like the outdoors and ride motorcycles. I’m really into watching bike racing, going to bike shows and riding in the country. My perfect day is riding a Harley in the country.”

As Elliot wrote of this scene, “From her earliest shoots to now, Goldie got better-looking and her body and tits have never looked fitter. Actually she’s changed very little since her previous visit in 2008. It’s gotta be her clean livin’ and healthy lifestyle of breast play and masturbation.”


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