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Two vagitarian lesbians go to work on each other

I am from Europe. We are not uptight.

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I am from Europe. We are not uptight.

April 17th, 2018


“I used to be really, really shy,” Eva Karera said. “I started to become more comfortable with myself and began doing photo shoots and going to swingers clubs.”

Eva prefers men who are “crazy in bed.”

“I like a man who can fuck me for hours. I am very aggressive. I like to have sex every day.”

Eva was a SCUBA-diving instructor and a lingerie model before she became a porn star in 2007. She’s Belgian. There are no porn companies in Belgium, so Eva started doing XXX in France.

“I didn’t know a thing about porn,” she said. “So I did research and contacted producers in France. I was booked in Paris the next week. They asked me if I did anal in my personal life, and I do, so my first scene was anal.

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