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The girl-next-door looks and fucks like this?

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The girl-next-door looks and fucks like this?

May 17th, 2018


“I like sensual foreplay but not for too long,” German mega-buster Sandra Star said.

Here, the sensual foreplay lasts for about three minutes before Max starts eating her pussy, five minutes, 30 seconds before she has his cock in her mouth. If tit-sucking doesn’t count as sensual foreplay, then it’s about a minute. Sensual foreplay definitely does not mean banging Sandra in every possible position before cumming on her huge tits, which she has super-sized a few times. She’s now one of the bustiest porn stars in the world, although she has not shot a ton of scenes. Less than most. Sandra super-sized her tits for 1.) Private use; and 2.) Because she likes the way they look. So do I. Sandra is one of my favorite girls. She reminds me of 2000s porn slut Elizabeth Starr in a lot of ways, right down to the blonde hair, huge rack and no-holes-barred approach to fucking.

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