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This Angel has 36F-cups as well as wings

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This Angel has 36F-cups as well as wings

May 10th, 2018


“Where have all the super-sized tits gone?” I asked myself. Just when it seemed that there were no new huge sweater-stretchers anymore, an Angel dropped from the hooter heavens. Specifically, Angel Gee, a green-eyed Barbie-doll who hits the 42-inch mark and kills a 36F-cup.

What I appreciate about Angel, besides her total package, is her love of huge tits. Angel really loves big tits: her tits and the tits of other girls, the bigger the better. She worships her tits. In a world that often belittles big tits, her devotion makes me feel good.

When Angel first visited SCORE, there wasn’t enough time to have a sit-down with the editor, so we made arrangements to speak on the telephone after she got home. Later in the week, I called and we touched on a lot of subjects. Tits.

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