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Wide-Eyed, Vice Tight

Wide-Eyed, Vice Tight

November 14th, 2017


Shae has just begun to explore, but one thing is for sure. This girl likes to fuck!
Shae may look innocent with her wide doe eyes, but she wants to try it all. She’s gotten her first taste of sex and now she can’t get enough. “I get really horny really easily. If sex is mentioned in a show or movie, that’s all it takes for my brain to start churning and I end up watching porn and using my vibrator externally until I can’t stand it anymore. Then I fuck myself silly.”

What was your kinkiest sexual encounter?
“I almost organized an orgy at a house party but only four people agreed. So we all fucked in my dorm room, and I even brought out some of my sex toys and handcuffs and stuff.” .

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