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Alternative chick seeks friends and more )

About Me

I am an Alternative model, just moved back to Manchester from London due to a break up from a very horrible relationship. Mainly looking for new friends in and around Manchester and would love something romantic too :) I live in Hyde, so just outside Manchester. I live with my mum and brother at the minute, only moved back on 1st May. I have a pet snake, who is 5ft long. I love rock music, movies, cuddles and romantic nights in. I DO have piercings, I have my belly button and ears pierced, like every other girl, but I also have my tongue and lip done to the bottom right. Anything else you wanna know, just ask :)

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What I'm Looking For

I love long hair! but hate it when you don't let me touch it! I hate guys who carry on flirting with thier flirty msn ppl once theyve gotten into a relationship. I love a guy who can show me lots of lova and affection, esp in public. isnt afraid to show me affection in front of thier female friends and definately is NOT still friends with their ex gf's (bad experiences)

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