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SEX?.. Okay, now that i have your attention, come say hii! hehe!

About Me

Heyy there, im sarah ) i have long black hair down to the bottom of my back, and bright blue eyes, i have a beauty spot above my lip, but i guess that just adds character :P ... I live near manchester, i love piercings and tattoos, and heavy music that gives you a headache :) I dont have any tattoos as of yet, but the piercings i have are - Tongue, Labret, Snakebites, Ears x2 and Ear plugs x2 (8mm), and nipple! My favourtite band is Lamb Of God... As Chris Adler is my idol, as i play drums myself.. I'm a pretty outgoing, nice person. i'll talk too anyone :) Just come say hello.. I don't bite.. Much )

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What I'm Looking For

My ideal match is - a guy who can make me laugh, and makes me happy :) a guy who is genuine, not fake, and is into some of the same stuff i like :P and likes me for me! and preferabley drives, so we can see each otherr :P hehe!

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