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Lucky Starr's ass-eating and creampie afternoon

Watch this scene »Lucky Starr’s ass-eating and creampie afternoonDate:
March 21st, 2018Duration:
20:32 In this video, her first at, 45-year-old Lucky Starr eats ass. She loves to suck cock and balls. She loves to get her pussy fucked. She loves the creampie this 29-year-old dude delivers to her pussy. But the truth is, she can’t keep her tongue off his asshole.“I love to eat ass,” Lucky said. “Guys either love it or they hate it. I’ll go further and even stick my finger up there. Sometimes, you’d be amazed what guys ask for. I’m a sexual chameleon.”Lucky told us that she doesn’t ask a guy if he wants her to rim his asshole.

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Easy BBC Ryder

“I like a guy with a good heart,” said 43-year-old mom Ciara Ryder. “If I have a good heart, then there are other people who have a good heart and a nice soul who are caring and compassionate. And if he’s into some things that I like too, like health, fitness, being intelligent, going to concerts, that’s a big plus.”Wait a second..did Ciara just say she likes a guy with a good hard-on? Maybe not, but that’s what we heard. Here, the guy with the good hard-on is Isiah, who has a big, black cock. When this scene opens, Ciara is on the phone with her guy. She tells him that she misses him. She loves him. How nice! But then Isiah comes by with some papers for Ciara, and she wastes no time getting his cock out.“You sure have become a fine young man,” Ciara says, remembering Isiah from when he was young. “It’s okay.

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Cat Girl's Colossal Cleavage

Cat Girl’s Colossal CleavageMischievous Kitty speaks fluent English and Russian. “I also play the flute and piccolo!” Kitty said. She’s got 40Gs busting her bra, and in this scene, she wears a cat-style bodysuit that really does justice to her phenomenal curves.XLGirls: Are you into any fetishes?Kitty: I love the tickle fetish even though I hate being tickled, something about watching someone else get tickle-tortured just makes me very horny.XLGirls: Do you masturbate a lot?Kitty: I love to masturbate but I’m very picky with the porn I watch when I do. I love being cuddled in my blankets in the dark at the end of a long day and watching sensual and passionate porn, and I usually climax before any hardcore action!XLGirls: What about your sexual fantasies?Kitty: I’m all about my pleasure when it comes to anything sexual so my sexual fantasy would definitely be a bunch of men and women in a room strictly there to please me.See More of Mischievous Kitty at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Champagne Room Boom Boom

Champagne Room Boom BoomDate:
January 10th, 2018Photos:
60 Stephanie Stalls’ resting metabolism is normally high-energy and hyper-sexual. If her sex drive could be compared to a car engine, it would be a V-8 Twin Turbo. Those twin turbos Stephanie shakes around the USA get a real hard and nasty work-out in “Champagne Room Boom Boom” at SCORELAND.The sexually-aggressive, Tennessee-born tit-an (part Cherokee, Irish and Scottish), who happens to live in Kentucky, goes wild on the stunt-dick, starting by pouring champagne all over her big boobs. After she and her booty call lap that up, they pour it on his cock so Stephanie can lap that up with her long tongue. Then they breast-bang and fuck like it’s an athletic competition, Stephanie’s huge knockers bouncing with every stroke.How the bed didn’t break under them was investigated by SCORE engineers. We’re not saying this kinda thing goes on in every champagne room out there but it did here and Stephanie is responsible. She makes a lot of po…

Hooked on hooking

Hooked on hookingYou know what’s kind of funny? These days, everybody knows that MILFs/mature women/cougars are hot and sexy, and most guys I know want to see MILFs fucking on-camera. But some of these porn girls don’t seem to have gotten the message, and for some reason, they don’t like to be portrayed as wives or moms or MILFs or mature. If you ask me, that’s exactly what they should want to be.But Amber Lynn Bach isn’t like that. Amber is a MILF from Central Florida, and she’s proud of it. Rightly so. Any woman who looks like Amber does at any age should be proud. Amber Lynn can put most 18-year-olds to shame. But if you ask me, the fact that Amber is 40something makes her even hotter. There’s that look on her face. The wanton sexuality. Amber Lynn doesn’t play games. That’s for younger girls.In one of her scenes at SCORELAND, Amber actually says, “So, James, have you ever had an older woman before?” When he says no, she says, “That’s such a shame.” Of course, Amber quickly takes c…