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Blonde Bush

Blonde BushDate:
April 2nd, 2018Photos:
43 When all the other girls are shaving their twats, Chloe is proud to be natural!Chloe is comfortable in her own skin. She’s proud of her tiny tits and wouldn’t have them any other way. She also likes having a bush and not giving into the pressures of society to be totally shaved. “We shouldn’t be ashamed to have pubic hair. It’s natural. It’s beautiful and sexy. And although I couldn’t care less about what’s popular, I think pubes are making a big comeback.”What do you like the most about having a little bush?“That it just feels like it’s me. It’s a part of who I am. I’d feel naked without my blonde little bush. I also love how soft and fluffy it is.

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A Hard Time At School

Veronica gets called into the principal’s office because students are talking about her uniform. Apparently it’s distracting. She shares with her principal that she doesn’t like the boys her age. He tells her that he doesn’t want to have a hard time in school.But Veronica does want a hard time, if it means his hard cock in her tight pussy. And that’s what she gets.She takes off her shirt revealing perfectly perky tits. Her skirt and panties come off and we get to see the rest of her package, which is tight and just right.Braces don’t slow Veronica down from giving the principal an expert deep-throating. Then she lays back on his desk to take his cock, slowly at first and then working up to a steady thrusting.

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Shower Fuck

Peyton Thomas is taking a nice shower when superstud Carlos Rios parts the shower curtains to watch her wet down her sensational 40N-cup breasts. There are big boobs and there are huge boobs. Peyton’s breasts are beyond huge.Peyton smiles at Carlos. He can not only look, he can come into the shower stall and help her. She sits on the floor and Carlos eagerly joins her to knead and squeeze the massive mountains of this young, fresh chick. His fingers sink into her soft breast-flesh. Peyton’s boob growth started when she was very young. She turned 19 years old after this XL Girl scene was filmed. There’s an excellent chance her tits have not finished growing.

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Thick In The Sun

Thick In The SunDate:
February 27th, 2018Photos:
40 Over the years Jana packed on the flesh and the curves. When she first started getting pounded and face-fucked, Jana had a natural SCORE figure. When we saw her again, she was getting a bit too big even for Voluptuous.Since that time, Jana developed enough bra-meat to rival some of the biggest sweater-stretchers around and enough junk in her trunk to make the dedicated ass-men in her neighborhood happy men.“Jana, bless her heart, let us have our way with her awesome beauties,” reported TSG editor and blogger Dave. “God-given beauties? Let’s find out! ‘Please take off your bra. We want to see something,’ the studio manager said to Jana.“Jana nodded, got naked, and giggled and smiled as the studio manager proceeded to grope and inspect her tits, searching for tell-tale signs of an we were scientists examining a fascinating discovery. Nothing. No scars, and we looked over every inch of her chest.

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XXX cherry busted

XXX cherry bustedCassie was photographed by one of our European photographers in 2014.“I did not know how many Czech girls have been photographed by SCORE until I looked at the website,” Cassie said. “There are so many girls. I was surprised.”Cassie has the kind of looks and body that was more prevalent 30 years ago. The kind of girl seen on the retro-site SCOREClassics. They’re mostly British but sometimes eastern European, German or Hungarian. Big, floppy natural boobs. A girl-next-door look. A fleshy, voluptuous body and nice legs. Someone who didn’t spend two hours in the gym five days a week. The kind of girl that Voluptuous magazine was created in 1994 to showcase and an alternative to the flashy showgirls and dancers with giant tits in SCORE.“I decided to try a boy-girl,” Cassie explained.This was her first hardcore fuck video.“It is something I have fantasized about trying for some time. I don’t care for anal or kinky sex or being out in a public place, but I enjoy good sex wi…

Hello Titty!

Dors Feline once visited the SCORE building in Miami while she was in the States for a website convention in Hollywood, Florida. One of our guys gave Dors and her webmistress at the time a guided tour of the place, which is not as sprawling as DisneyWorld but does have its own form of Magic Mountains.Unfortunately, we couldn’t do anything with Dors in our studio that day for two reasons. A British citizen, Dors was under contract at the time to said webmistress, also a Brit, and a revised US code (18 USC ├é§ 2257) prevents non-US citizens from modeling on US soil unless they have a work visa issued by Homeland Security. I’m not saying every adult studio in the USA obeys this ruling, but The SCORE Group does, at considerable expense. That’s why we often go to the Caribbean or Europe to photograph models.About a year later, Dors told us she was free as a bird to model for us. We were about to go to Berlin to photograph some girls, so our studio arranged to fly Dors to meet us there. Late…

You can go home and fuck again

Brandy Dean has a long history with SCORE. She debuted in the Holiday ’01 issue and has fucked in several DVDs, including Busty Cock Worshippers 4 and HardSCORE 4. And yet, compared to most porn stars, Brandy has not done many videos.Brandy decided a long time ago that she didn’t want the life of the big-time California porn star, so she didn’t pursue it. She stayed in Ohio, where she has always lived. Several years ago, she even dropped out of the big-tit modeling scene. I thought she was gone forever.Fortunately, she has fans, and those fans convinced her to return.“People emailed me a lot, and a lot of them said, ‘When are you going to shoot again?’ And I thought, ‘Now’s the time.’ The fans started making me realize I missed it, so I thought, ‘Okay let’s go back and do it again.'”But that didn’t mean going to California and fucking every porn stud in sight. It meant visiting her old pals at the SCORE Studio and shooting scenes like this one.

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Bodacious Schoolgirl

Bodacious SchoolgirlDate:
January 23rd, 2018Photos:
32 “My parents thought that sending me to an all-girls private school would keep me out of trouble. Boy, were they wrong! I was eating pussy all the time in the locker room. And the girls that I would hook up with would introduce me to boys and we’d all have fun together. Like, just because it’s an all-girls school doesn’t mean that we don’t know any boys! Private school girls are kinkier than public school girls, and I think that’s the reason I’ve had so many three-ways. The girls I know who went to public school haven’t even tried three-ways yet. But at my school, you were an amateur if you’d never been in a three-way.”.

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Straight-from-the-Oven Lovin'

Straight-from-the-Oven Lovin’Cassie’s not the kind of gal who thinks a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but she’ll make an exception to her please her man. Just so long as she can bake and cook in tight, revealing clothing and high heels. But the real fun begins when the muffins come out of the oven. “I think it’s very sensual and sexy when a man feeds me, and it gives me the chance to show him just what I can do with my mouth. When I’m being fed my pussy gets just as hot as an oven and I definitely need to have some goodies put inside of it!”See More of Cassie Blanca at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!

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