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There's nobody like Sha

There’s nobody like ShaSha Rizel from Ukraine is one of the most-unusual SCORE Girls ever. She might be the most-unusual, and I’ll tell you why. The September 2018 issue of SCORE recently went on-sale at It’s our first “Rack To The Future” issue; the theme is girls of the present who are similar in some way to girls of the past. We weren’t looking for direct comparisons; we were looking for striking similarities.Sha fits into the super-slim ‘n’ naturally stacked category, but when we foraged through SCORE’s past, we realized that although there had been girls who were similar to her, only Sharday, Devon Daniels, Hitomi, Venera and Merilyn Sakova can come close to being as super-slim ‘n’ stacked as she is, and even they come up a little short. Put it this way: Sha would be thin for a girl with A-cups, but has big, juicy hangers.“My breasts began to get very big at 17, 18 years old,” beautiful Sha said. “It happened very suddenly. They seem to get bigger every two months…

The Human Pretzel

Athena is a horny, little teen with a hidden talent. She’s super flexible and can be twisted up into a human pretzel. JMac takes advantage of this, getting her legs up high by her ears and slamming his cock deep into her spread-wide pussy. He even gets her into an in-the-air pile driver of sorts.And Athena is not just flexible; she’s super tight, too. As JMac pushes his cock in her pussy, we see her butthole bulge out slightly from the pressure. As snug as her slit is, she manages to take all of his cock. And like a good little slut, she takes all of his load too.

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Cat Girl's Colossal Cleavage

Cat Girl’s Colossal CleavageDate:
February 23rd, 2018Photos:
70 Mischievous Kitty’s 40G boobs developed late, and growing up, she was shy about her breasts. When she hit 19 is when her breast growth spurt began. Now her tits are spectacular. Her nipples are pierced.XLGirls: Are you assertive or passive?Kitty: I’m a little bit of both. It really depends on the person I’m with and the situation I’m in.XLGirls: What gives you a lady boner?Kitty: I love all the stimulation. In order for me to have the best orgasm I need not only clitoral and vaginal stimulation but if you add nipple and light anal stimulation, I’ll be in pure ecstasy.XLGirls: How often do you have sex?Kitty: Off-camera, I’m not very sexually active anymore, I’ve been so busy concentrating on building up my adult life that I haven’t really had the time to go and find a partner to dick me down on the regular, but when I am in a relationship or some sort of sexual agreement, I like to have sex at least every other day if not e…

Mia Khalifa: From burger joint hostess to XXX schoolgirl

Watch this scene »Mia Khalifa: From burger joint hostess to XXX schoolgirlDate:
February 21st, 2018Duration:
23:39 Dressed up as a student, Mia Khalifa, whom I’m proud to say I discovered, deep-throats and fucks Tony’s cock. Lucky guy. This was Mia’s second fuck scene ever and was shot before she gained so much publicity and, in some cases, notoriety, although in my opinion, that word doesn’t fit. Everything Mia did was good, and the things she did with us, like this scene, were great because she was new and fresh to the scene.By now, you know the story. Mia, who’s of Lebanese descent, became an Internet sensation, pilloried by people in Lebanon and disowned by her parents. Her story was told in mainstream magazines and newspapers, and for a while, she was the No. 1 porn star in the world. But as quickly as she got into porn, that’s as quickly as she got out. Yet, her fame has not lessened.

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Between Her Tits

Between Her TitsDate:
January 9th, 2018Photos:
50 Goldie Blair, a mature bra-buster, is pretty handy at hand jobs and tit-fucking. Goldie’s handiwork on the kitchen floor was impressive. Goldie didn’t let the guy jack his load out himself. She did it for him, which is the whole idea anyway.Goldie is a kinky Brit transplant living in California. She’s known better for wrestling, being hogtied and ball-gagged, cosplay, dildo-machines, face-sitting and other fetishes than for tit-fucking and hand jobs. With these interests, she’s definitely qualified to teach girls’ physical education classes. .

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Ass-ume The Position

Ass-ume The Position“Assume the position!” snaps Autumn. We usually don’t think it wise to assume anything, but in a case like this, exceptions can be made. For somebody decked out for discipline, however, it seems that outfit has absolutely no chance at wrangling those oversized hooters of our favorite, whip-wielding wench. Hell, any opportunity to get whipped into shape by Autumn would be welcomed. We have no doubt guys would line up around the block to get a good old fashioned man-ass whipping and then repay it in kind. You know how hot and horny those dominating women can get when they finish putting you in your place. All bend over for Autumn-Jade.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!

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