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A Foxx for anal

A Foxx for analDate:
July 18th, 2018Photos:
62 Angelique Foxx is hot for cock. She wants it in her ass. She’s dressed for sex in a tight, red dress that shows off her tight, right body. She sucks cock and balls and gets her mouth fucked. Then she gets her pussy and ass fucked. This is a woman who isn’t shy about what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.And yet..”I’m really the type of woman you might see at the grocery store or the post office or the gas station, doing ordinary things,” she said. “But there’s that wild side of me you don’t see right off the bat, the side you’re seeing here, ripping off my clothes and spreading my pussy because I know you want it. But didn’t I promise you my ass?“I love getting fucked in my ass. I’ve never met a guy who didn’t love my ass and want to fuck it.”Angelique lives in Washington (the state).

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Wet Tee Teaser

Wet Tee TeaserWhen we first saw Dors Feline, she was visiting the SCORE building with her then-webmistress. Her tits were astounding, incredible. None of us could take our eyes off her.Dors was under contract at the time, so we had to wait for a chance to photograph her. And wait we did. When she was freed up, she met our photo team in Berlin, Germany for the first of several shoots.The next time we saw Dors was in the Dominican Republic, a beautiful country and a 180-degree contrast to shooting indoors in winter-time Berlin. This scene is part of the movie Big Tit Skinny Dip.See More of Dors Feline at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Your Euro Granny Slut

Your Euro Granny SlutDate:
July 13th, 2018Photos:
62 We can always rely on the Czech Republic to deliver hot, horny women, and Valerie is no exception. This petite fuck doll is a divorcee, mother and grandmother. “I don’t mind being called a grandmother,” she said through a translator. “Just because I’m a grandmother doesn’t mean I can’t be sexy. It’s all about your state of mind, and my mind is still young.“I like to swing. I enjoy the parties they have in Prague. They are good places to meet young, good-looking men, which I like. I also like to have threesomes with another man and woman.” Valerie doesn’t have any special fetishes. She’s just horny and likes to fuck.

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Slippery When Wet

Nila Mason doesn’t just take a bath or a shower. She makes an event out of it, and that’s a good thing. How great would it be to come home every night and find Nila waiting for you in the bathroom? Nila soaps up and uses her showerhead to come clean. The funniest thing Nila has ever had a guy say to her was “Your parents have worked well.” Nila’s advice for trying to date her? “You need to be romantic and persistent. I need time to get to know a man. Of course, he must be a man who loves big breasts. He has to love to spend a lot of time licking and gently biting my nipples. I can see in a man’s eyes when he sees my boobs if he truly loves them or not.”“Nila is from a part of the world that turns out a lot of brickhouse babes who know how to take care of their men,” a TSG staffer pointed out. “The fact that she has a beautiful face sweetens the pot.”
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Big, bigger…

Big, bigger…Not quite at her biggest here, Dusty was making the transformation from Rocky Raquel to Busty Dusty when these pics were taken. One thing that never transformed: the woman behind the huge tits. “The thing about Dusty is that you could have never met her before, and if she sat down to talk with you, you’d feel like she’s known you her entire life,” SCORELAND editor Elliot James said. “She has that way about her that makes everybody feel special.”See More of Busty Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!

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Break the Fuck Fast

Break the Fuck FastDate:
January 9th, 2018Photos:
55 “I know a lot of people who say they don’t eat breakfast because they’re not hungry when they wake up. I don’t get it. I wake up hungry and I wake up horny, too. If I don’t have my waffles and cock I’m so cranky for the rest of the day. I usually like to get something in my stomach before I get to the sex. If not, then I get lightheaded from not having eaten anything during my 8 hours of sleep. And when I fuck, it’s almost like a workout, so there’s no way I’m doing it on an empty stomach. But at the same time, my pussy is so horny that it’s hard to wait. That’s why I tell the guy to go ahead and start working my pussy while I’m still eating.”.

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Posing For A Hosing

Posing For A HosingThe idea here is that you’re a painter and Candy is your model. Your art, of course, is your obsession. You devote every waking minute to thinking about it, talking about it and doing it. Nothing can distract you. Or so you thought. The agency sent over a new figure model. She has big tits and blowjob lips. Her name is Candy. Candy Manson. And, yes, although your art is your life, when she gets on all fours and wiggles her naked ass in the air, you could swear that she’s offering it to you. So, you face the facts: art or fucking. Chicks to draw? They’re a dime a dozen. Babes like Candy to fuck? They don’t come around too often. So you drop your paintbrush and get busy with the real work of the afternoon: Groping the model’s tits and spreading her ass. Fucking her tight pussy in a variety of positions, some of them even artistic. But then comes the real artistic question: Should you use your cum to paint her face or her tits. Hey, you’re a boob man. Easy question.See…