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Encounter with The Super-Vixen

“I like my tits and my ass equally because both can get played with very well, and they just turn me on,” Amy Anderssen said. “I love when my tits get sucked and I love when I’m getting fucked in doggy. My ass is just bouncing on the guy’s cock, and it’s so sexual and horny. It gets me really wet.”At SCORE, there are two kinds of bra-busters: the naturals and the girls who size-up. In the first decade of SCORE, the super-sized girls dominated. If I were to compile a list of the best and hottest mega-boobed girls of the past three decades, Amy would definitely be on that list.Amy was inspired by other girls and the looks they achieved. She told us everything about her background.“I was very flat-chested, and I remember that I went into a hair salon one day, and for the first time in my life, I saw this woman with big, fake breasts, and I remember looking at her and thinking, ‘This is the most-beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I wanna look like her.’“So as soon as I hit 18, I got a part-t…

Tina Tosh tutors ass fucking

Tina Tosh tutors ass fuckingJ-Mac has a problem. He’s trying to get tutored in science by Ms. Tosh, but he doesn’t know what the heck she’s talking about. What he does know is that Ms. Tosh is wearing a sheer, purple top and, as it turns out, no panties. He can’t concentrate, and she wonders why.“Look at what you’re wearing,” he says. “You’re not wearing any panties.”“I think you do know this stuff,” Tina says, “and I think you’ve been coming here for other reasons. Maybe we can solve your distraction problem by handling your horny problem.”In all honesty, we think Tina’s been coming here for other reasons, too, like to show off her shaved pussy, suck J-Mac’s cock and get fucked in her pussy and ass. When it comes to ass fucking, J-Mac gets straight A’s, especially when he turns Tina upside-down and piledrives her 48-year-old ass.Horny problem? Around Tina, horny is not a problem.See More of Tina Tosh at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!

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Young Bra-Buster's Secret Sex Fantasy Cums True

Watch this scene »Young Bra-Buster’s Secret Sex Fantasy Cums TrueDate:
December 6th, 2017Duration:
28:27 “I really don’t have sex all that often, maybe once a month,” young Bri Love said in her very bashful style. What you see is what she is and that is a shy and innocent girl from Texas.“My favorite positions are doggy, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. I have a fantasy about having sex in public but I’ve never done it. I’d like to one day. I usually have sex just at home in my bedroom.”Sex in a bedroom with a boyfriend on a quiet afternoon or evening is completely different from hot, wild, sport-sex on-camera for a video that’s going to be watched by countless people. It’s a totally unrelated experience.Many girls who try hardcore scenes come on like bra-busters, assertive and bold. Many have hot sexual backgrounds and they know everything there is to know about sex.Huge-titted Bri is so incredibly shy, timid and reserved that it’s actually amazing that she wanted to be an adult model in t…

Melts in Your Mouth

Melts in Your MouthWho doesn’t love cotton candy? It is sweet and fluffy and most importantly, it’s the perfect light snack to get Rose in the mood. As it dissolves on her tongue, the sugar rush goes straight to her pussy. She gets dizzy with desire for dick and her slit oozes sweet wetness. Let her nibble away at her cotton candy while you do the same to her pussy, and she will attack your cock the way only a horny, big girl can-with her huge tits jiggling in your face and her juicy twat dripping all over your balls.See More of Rose Valentina at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!

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Introducing Natalie Moon, our new MILF

Watch this scene »Introducing Natalie Moon, our new MILFDate:
September 13th, 2017Duration:
10:49 Now it’s time to get to know Natalie Moon, a 46-year-old divorcee and mom from Nevada (she was born in Texas), who came to our satellite studio in Los Angeles, California to get fucked on-camera for the first time. She got her ass fucked, too. She loves anal. She tells us that in this interview, which takes place after her first video fuck.We can also tell you that Natalie..1. Enjoys running, hiking, reading and swimming.2. Likes golf and hockey and is a fan of the Baltimore Ravens football team.3.

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Eva Notty Special: Big Tits Rubdown

Eva Notty Special: Big Tits RubdownThis week’s Eva Notty opens with a close-up of her 34F-cups bulging out of her deluxe bra. Eva kneads the rounded mounds of her upper cleavage then unhooks and drops her bra. She peels off her thong panties, takes a towel and gets on the massage table for a soothing session of hands-on relief. The masseuse begins by pouring baby oil over her sexy tits until those beauties are saturated. Her massage begins. He first begins with a hand rubbing each breast but Eva asks that he massage one breast with both hands. She loves this. His hands circle under each boob, making them point upwards before they splay back. The nipples harden and elongate as the massage continues. Eva looks like she’s experiencing nirvana. She’s so turned on that when her massage ends, Eva must take matters into her own hands.See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!

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Softball Slut

Madison wants to get on the softball team next season, and she’s got a few moves to make sure coach picks her. First that skimpy little top comes off and she squeezes her tiny tits and tweaks her nipples. Madison may be flat but she grabs the little bit of tit meat she does have and pushes it up towards her tongue so she can lick her nips. Next she takes off her tights and pulls her panties to the side, rubbing her clit and fingering her slit right there on the patio.She’s still not sure if she’ll make the team, so she pulls out all the stops, getting totally naked, spitting all over her fingers and furiously diddling herself till she cums. She’s a shoo-in to make the team, and we can’t wait to see this little softball slut hit a home run. .

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On The Patio

On The PatioFrom The Best of Desirae‘s Hot and Horny Letters–picked by Desi herself!Hi Desirae,
I was just surfing on the web and I came upon your site. I am going to be honest with you. I love your body. It is off-the-hook. The photos that I saw of you are great. I like those huge tits you have, and that ass, and those nice, thick legs of yours are so pretty. I would love to take a bite out of you. On top of that, you are so beautiful. You have a very sexy look about you that is appetizing to the eyes. I had to go beat my meat off to your photos. That’s the kind of effect they have on me. Normally, I don’t do that, so you know you have some great photos. I am really enjoying myself. You have a nice body and that’s the way I like a woman’s body to be, nice and thick. So take care, baby, and keep up the good work. Bye, bye, your new greatest fan.-B.W.See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!

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European breast quest

European breast questCynthia Flowers was a girl we should have shot more fuck scenes of, but scheduling was tight because our photographer was on a road trip and needed to go from place to place. That week, he filmed Taylor Steele and Taylor Stevens in Toronto then flew to Prague to meet Romanian royalty Arianna Sinn for the first time. Dave and I would have loved to have had that schedule and met those girls.After Arianna, they were supposed to meet Hungarian Cynthia Flowers and another busty girl. Cynthia showed up but the other girl flaked.When the photographer, Jose, came home and recovered, I asked him about the trip and Cynthia. Photographers are a great source for details since they spend the most time with the models. Cynthia only speaks Hungarian. Jose speaks English and Spanish. They had no access to a Hungarian translator. It didn’t matter. Everything went according to plan.“When she showed up at our location, it was like she was selling her ass, she was dressed so slutty,”…

"Butts & Boobs"

“Butts & Boobs”Ass-tounding Daylene Rio knows how to handle a man like Tony.“You want me to twerk that ass?” Daylene asks him. “You want that ass?”Daylene’s fine tail begs to be eye-fucked, squeezed, spanked and rubbed before she takes his pocket pork in her mouth and gives him a sloppy blow job fit for a king. She’s all about satisfying the guy she’s in bed with.Daylene spreads her ass cheeks and Tony rams her tight cookie from the side, then rolls her over on her back to pound her some more. Miss Rio’s huge hooters jiggle and wobble as she holds them together. The harder he fucks Daylene, the faster they jiggle.Hopping a ride on his meat monorail, Daylene pops and twerks her ass like she’s competing in a dance-off. Tony gets Daylene face-down, ass-up and shoves his shaft into her. With a thumb, he plays with her butthole for a bit before he loses it and drops a nut-bomb all over her tantalizing tush. What can be said? This mami has always been too damn sexy.See More of Daylene R…

Lola Rayne's 42G Treasure Chest

Step back when Lola Rayne drops the top of her dress and releases her creamy, veiny, juicy 42G jumbos. Boobs like this are a man’s tit-fuck dream. Lola has a cock toy and she bangs her breasts and pussy with it, finishing herself off with her fingers.“I enjoy using toys, massagers and my good ol’ fingers,” Lola said. “Clit rubbing gets me off the fastest. I masturbate all the time.”Lola is busty and proud and has a very kinky side. “I love my boobs. When I dress, I like to emphasize them as much as possible, like wearing the kind of dress I have on in this video.“I love to model and show off my body and I’m doing more of it now since I have more time. I enjoy getting nice comments.

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Congratulations, Stella! You're a porn star!

Congratulations, Stella! You’re a porn star!“Look what I bought for you baby. Do you like?” Stella Rose says as she shows up at her guy’s bedside wearing skimpy red lingerie that covers very little and sexy black stockings. Yeah, he likes, especially when she starts rubbing his crotch.“I’m so horny right now,” she says. “Grab my titties. I just wanna be fucked so hard.”Her tits come out-they’re very nice, natural C-cups with dark areolae-then the guy’s cock comes out and Stella sucks it. She has excellent blow job technique, something you can say about most 47-year-olds because, well, that’s the kind of thing that comes with experience. So does the ability to take a good, long fucking, as Stella does.But one more thing about Stella: Her pussy. It’s really pink. Her pussy looks like a fresh, young, 18-year-old’s pussy, but it’s a 47-year-old’s pussy. She flips over her on her back so we can watch the cum flowing out of her fresh, pink cunt and down to her asshole.Stella Rose is a cam g…

Once in a blue moon, Natalie gets ass-fucked on-camera

Watch this scene »Once in a blue moon, Natalie gets ass-fucked on-cameraDate:
September 13th, 2017Duration:
22:10 Natalie Moon, a 46-year-old first-timer from Maryland, who lives in Nevada, said she was nervous when she flew from Nevada, where she lives to Los Angeles, California for her first-ever porn shoots.“I didn’t know what to expect,” she said.Well, she expected to get fucked in her hairy pussy. She also expected to get fucked in her tight ass. She wanted to get fucked in her tight ass. She loves anal.All of that happened. And what word would Natalie use to describe her first on-camera fuck?“Extraordinary!” she said.Now that’s what we like to hear! Natalie is extraordinary. She’s a beautiful divorcee (and mom!) with reddish-brown hair and brown eyes and a smokin’ body.

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Sheer Seduction

Sheer SeductionChristy loves spending time in Miami, especially when her hometown in Pennsylvania is having very cold weather. You see, Christy loves to run around in the skimpiest outfits she can find and being up North, in the cold, only means that she has to be bundled up. You can imagine that this busty exhibitionist is very unhappy under layers and layers of clothing. In fact, that’s all she could talk about when we showed her this sheer, white nightie. She kept telling us how she could never wear this at home because she’d freeze. Luckily for her and you, the weather was warm, the sun was shining and that was incentive enough for Christy to get naked and naughty.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!

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A Fresh Face for Cum

A Fresh Face for CumDate:
September 12th, 2017Photos:
46 “I used to think getting cum on my face was gross. Now I think it’s hot. It’s like the guy is marking me as his territory. In general I just like cum. I get a lot of satisfaction when a guy blows a huge load. I mean, no girl wants a sorry ejaculation that’s just a few sprinkles. We want a volcanic explosion. So for me, that’s part of my motivation to suck the guy off really good and squeeze my pussy on his cock. I wanna see how big I can make him blow.”.

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Peeping At Chloe

Peeping At ChloeThe thematic purpose of this pictorial was to spy on Chloe in a lush, hidden area of the property at Key Largo, during the making of On Location Key Largo. The cameraman, an amateur given a chance at a real job, was instructed to creep up upon Chloe– a simple task since it was all in pretense–and take her photos while she pretended to luxuriate in the grotto of paradise. In this set, bikini girl Chloe’s primeval earthiness came to the forefront, a demonstration of her raw sexuality, still unpolluted by the evil lurking in the bushes.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!

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Tag-team fuck for a Romanian French maid

Watch this scene »Tag-team fuck for a Romanian French maidDate:
November 10th, 2017Duration:
24:02 “I am satisfied when I have an orgasm from a big cock in me,” Romanian natural Vicky Soleil said. She is, or was, a cam model and that’s where we found her.In this scene, she has two big cocks in her, taking turns on her mouth and pussy.She also said, “I like to have sex everywhere, first teased, then fucked until I cum.”She had sex in our studio, and we’ll always be happy for that.Elliot James described this scene, in which Vicky is a maid, when it was originally posted on SCORELAND: “Vicky gets both of her nipples sucked on at the same time for starters. As Enzo sticks his fingers inside her honey-trap, Tom feeds Vicky his stiffie. When she turns to suck on Enzo’s wiener, Tom drops trou and shoves his sausage into her from behind. Any plans for continued cleaning are changed on the spot for an afternoon of raunchy pleasure. Vicky is the centerpiece of this fuck party.”“Group sex makes me…

Voluptuous, stacked and fucking

Voluptuous, stacked and fuckingArowyn White, a big-titted, 42-year-old blonde from Indianapolis, Indiana, introduces herself by sucking cock and fucking. Oh, and by taking a dick between her big, natural tits, too. This is the kind of thing you gotta love: a trashy, busty, chunky blonde who’s old enough to know what her body is best used for. Pleasuring men, pleasuring herself.Women with bodies like Arowyn’s are rare. So many mature women spend far too much time in the gym, hoping to somehow achieve society’s ideal body. Arowyn is just happy to have big tits.“They make my men happy,” she said. “And they get me what I want.”Which is?“More men, silly!”She’s a refreshing change of pace from a lot of MILFs you see these days. You know, the ones who can’t pull themselves away from the gym for more than five minutes. The kind that think men are turned on by skin and bones. Not Arowyn. She has big tits, big tits, a big ass…she’s a big girl, and she’s proud of it.“Tits and ass are some of the…

Lola Rayne's 42G Treasure Chest

Lola Rayne’s 42G Treasure ChestDate:
December 7th, 2017Photos:
65 “I love dates that consist of adventure and fun,” Lola Rayne said. “If you can get my adrenaline pumping in a good way, then extra points for you.”A lot of girls tell us they want to try skydiving or bungee jumping so there’s that adrenaline thing. All we need to do is look at Lola and her big tits and ass and our adrenaline starts spiking.“I like to have sex once a day. I love the cowgirl position because I cum really hard. I love to have my body kissed and caressed, and lots of boob play. And, of course, rubbing my pussy. I’m bisexual so I am always having a sexual encounter with another girl.”Lola fucks her juicy 42G jumbos and wet pussy with a cock-dildo in a largely P.O.V. photo shoot.“I’ve just recently started to enjoy anal play.

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Wrapped In Plastic

Wrapped In PlasticThere’s an oddball fetish called mummification or cling film fetish. It’s defined as “an immobilizing bondage through wrapping a person in plastic cling film or other materials.” It’s a first for Merilyn who never heard of it or saw it before, although here, the plastic is shaped and worn like a see-through dress instead of a mummy wrap. A dress like this could catch on…if only girls had the nerve to wear it! Merilyn herself uses plastic cling film to wrap that salty Ukrainian fish she loves to cook!See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!

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