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Rainy Days With Ines Always Get Us Up

Rainy Days With Ines Always Get Us UpThe photographer said to Ines, “I want you to put on your pajamas and put your hair in pigtails. Today you will lounge around your bedroom. It’s rainy outside and you have nowhere to go and nothing to do. The phone is not ringing. So you will stay in your bedroom today.” Ines did as instructed without hesitation. “Now Ines, I want you to stand up and slowly take off your jammas and show your beautiful tits,” he said. “That’s right, Ines. And when you get completely nude, I want you to examine your body, every inch of it. You’ll bend over to show your ass. Soon, you’ll be opening up your pussy and pulling on your lips. Pull them as far as you can.” And so it happened.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!

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Sex On The Beach

Sex On The BeachIt’s a beautiful day on Grand Bahama Island, a beautiful day to spend on the beach, relaxing on the white sand, feeling the ocean breeze, gazing out across the turquoise Bahamian waters. A wonderful day to have your cocked sucked by Arianna Sinn and to fuck her big naturals and shaved pussy. Yes, that’s what island life is all about!This is Arianna’s third hardcore scene on, but it’s the first that takes place in a totally public location, a place where anyone could have walked by and seen her in action. It just so happened that nobody walked right past where Arianna and J-Mac were fucking, but we did spot a few people watching from a distance with binoculars. They couldn’t take their eyes off her.“I like being watched,” Arianna revealed. “I saw those people, too. It made it more exciting for me.”As if sucking and fucking in the ocean and on the beach in the middle of the day isn’t exciting enough. Little by little, Arianna is definitely getting kinkie…

Selfie Slut

Selfie SlutDate:
February 5th, 2018Photos:
47 Carolina, do you take lots of nude pics?
“Yes. My phone was full of them even before I was ever in your magazine. In fact, taking all those nude pictures is what inspired me to shoot at your studio!”What do you like about taking pics?
“It’s fun and it makes me feel sexy. It’s one thing to see yourself naked in the mirror, but it’s another thing to see a naked picture or video of yourself. It’s kind of hard to see what your butthole looks like so I would take pictures of my pussy and asshole to see if they were cute. Good thing that they are!”Do you send your naked pics to boys?
“Sometimes, but not without teasing them first. I’ll send them a cleavage shot or something sexy that doesn’t show everything. Then if they seem horny enough and send me a nice dick pic I’ll return the favor and send a pic of my pussy.”.

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Mocha Mammogram

Mocha MammogramPoor Stacy. She spends so much time getting stuffed and roughed up by huge cocks that she started to feel worn down. All that jiggling and giggling can take its toll on a big hootered chick. So, since she was feeling under the weather, she decided to pay Dr. Feelgood a visit to see if he could give her anything to make her feel better. Luckily for her, this doctor specializes in big tits and tight, wet slits. One look at Stacy and he knew what the problem was. She needed more vitamin D in her diet, so he wrote her a prescription for some more dick…his. He gives her a full body check up, feeling for anything abnormal. After a thorough hands-on inspection, he asks Stacy to say, “Ahh,” and then proceeds to stuff her full. Then he checks her temperature with his meat thermometer and he figures Stacy might be running a little bit of a fever, since she seems so hot to the touch. Figuring that she needs to cool off immediately, he coats her jugs in some man sauce to cool her d…

The Texas wife who came here and got ass-fucked

Watch this scene »The Texas wife who came here and got ass-fuckedDate:
February 5th, 2018Duration:
29:15 “I’ve been a swinger for about five years,” Jasmine Jones, a hot, voluptuous wife from Texas said when we saw her for the first time in 2013. “I’ve been with another couple but not in a group scene yet. My fantasies are having sex in public and watching another woman satisfy my husband. I have sex about three times a week and I like a lot of foreplay before we fuck.”For a girl who’s not a porn star, just a regular busty babe-next-door, Jasmine did some very hot stuff for us. She got ass-fucked twice and also did a three-way with two guys.Elliot interviewed Jasmine, who really opened up to him.On why she posed: “I like to please people, and this is a great way to do so. I love to show off my huge, natural boobs and my round ass. And if I can make you cum, that makes it even better for me.On anal masturbation: “I love to masturbate with a glass toy in my ass.

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Nurse Angelique: Back In Action

Nurse Angelique: Back In ActionThis poor chap was injured by hitting his skull on the headboard of the bed during sex but we can see that head injuries do not necessarily impede a man’s sexual abilities, especially when he’s got an angel of mercy such as Angelique bringing him back to health. The term “Nil By Mouth” on the sign is the instruction to a caregiver to not give the patient anything to eat or drink unless directed by a physician. It means that the patient can’t swallow. He can lick boobs however.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!

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Czech Mate

Czech MateDate:
February 5th, 2018Photos:
50 “The first time in my life I had sex, the man was five years older than me,” Laurella said. “It was quick but good. Now, I like sex to be longer and with more positions and more licking.“Once, I gave a boyfriend a blow job on a train. There were people around but I didn’t care! I surrounded his cock with my tits and sucked on the head until he came in my mouth and I swallowed every drop because I love the taste and smell of cum.“I had a fantasy about having sex with other men so I went to a swingers’ party. I had sex with men and women while other people sat and watched. It was wonderful. I think I like multiple partners now. It is more satisfying.

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Sage's quest: a facial

Sage’s quest: a facialSage Quest, who’s 44, fucks our stud Tony…while her boyfriend watches.“My wildest fantasy is that I want my boyfriend to see me spanked, bitch-fucked and pumped full of cum by one or more bold, aggressive men who have long-lasting, rock-hard cocks,” she said. “We have tried to make this happen several times, but when men meet me, they think I’m too petite and sweet to use, so I get respectful, sweet and mushy sex. Yuck!”Nope. Sage wants it hard. She wants her pussy to get slammed, as it does here. She wants the guy to cum all over her pretty face, as Tony does here.“It’s hard to get a facial in real life,” Sage pointed out. “Guys always want to cum in my pussy. It’s nice to get a good facial once in a while.”Sage is a daring woman.“My boyfriend and I were doing an erotic nude shoot in a public park,” she said. “No one else was around except this one man watching us from a short distance. I got turned on and asked my boyfriend if he ever did it in a park. He said …

Bratwurst, beer and Brandy's boobs

Bratwurst, beer and Brandy’s boobsAt Brandy’s Beerhouse, you get the best service, the best brew and the best breasts. She brings you beer and bratwurst in a tiny German barmaid outfit that accentuates her large breasts. But the moment you see the huge sausage she’s serving up, you realize you’d rather see Brandy eat it. A big girl like her probably appreciates big, juicy sausage more than you do, anyway. Sit back, sip your beer and let Brandy slowly devour the wiener. All this eating is turning you both on. Let her show you how she can inhale your sausage, too. When she’s done sucking, she expects a tip for her quality service-your pork pole in her pussy, so don’t be stingy.See More of Brandy Ryder at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!

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Czech Mate

Czech MateLaurella has an extremely strong resemblance to the now-retired Bozena. They could be sisters. Laurella has huge, floppy tits that are very pliable. A secretary by profession, Laurella said she has sex in her spare time. She masturbates every night, goes to swingers’ parties sometimes, has messed around with women, and estimates she has sex about five times a week.“I don’t like to show my breasts too much when I dress. I usually dress sporty and elegant. I love my tits but I do not like to flaunt them when I go out. All my life, many men will come up to me and say ‘Wow, you have big breasts!’ I just say thank you. They should think first and say other things. I know I have big breasts. I see them in the mirror every day.“If a man can say more charming things, maybe they would be more successful with women. I am not going to go home with every man who gives me a compliment and fuck him but I might give some my email. They should say something like ‘Your sweater looks very goo…