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Tits Underwater

Tits UnderwaterUnderwater boobs – how they float and bob and bounce. There’s nothing like these natural flotation devices, and A-J has the best. In this series of videos, our Autumn-Jade team follows the SCORE siren for a series of watery gymnastics that would make a Weekee Wachee Springs mermaid jealous. Bring your own oxygen.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!

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Huge Peaches & Cream

Huge Peaches & CreamBuxom, blonde Englishwoman Gina George may be the first XL Girl in history to give a dude a foot massage. Her gentleman friend is engrossed in his magazine but that ends quickly due to Gina’s soft touch.Gina reminds your veteran editors of such horny Great Brits as Susie Wilden, Samantha Sanders and Carol Brown. They have a natural enthusiasm and appetite for hot sex. They are not LA porn-bots.When Gina pops her big boobs out of her tight bra and rubs her tits along his junk, this guy’s plans are booked for the rest of the afternoon. This is a gal who knows how to treat a man.Gina palms his lump and hovers over his face, feeding him her long, pointy nipples. He sucks them greedily. Our photographer moves in close to capture Gina rubbing his package with her soft, heavy hangers.Smiling, Gina makes a rude gesture with her flickering tongue that provokes mutual laughter and then lowers her head to slurp his cock in a 69 position. She turns on her side to continue …

Gooey Flattie

Catarina is flat as a board, but that doesn’t stop her from playing with her tiny titties. Her pointy nips are sensitive, and she tweaks them, wishing she had someone else there to do it for her. She squeezes her boobs together, almost making cleavage from what little tit flesh she has.She undresses down to her panties, revealing just how petite she is. Catarina is a skinny, little thing who’s 95 lbs soaking wet. Speaking of soaking wet, her pussy is dripping as she rubs it. Her slit glistens with her girl-cum and the juices drip down her buttcheeks. Her fingers are no substitute for a cock, but they still get the job done, fueling her masturbatory fantasies, which bring her–and hopefully you–to a juicy orgasm.

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A Day On The Water With Daylene

A Day On The Water With DayleneHitomi visited these odd structures on Biscayne Bay off Miami and did her thing for the SCORE camera. Now here’s Daylene Rio showing her huge tits and pussy at the same location. “This is one of the most unusual places I’ve ever been to,” said Daylene. “I’ve been to SCORE many times and I’ve gone on-location a lot but I never knew this existed. It must be the strangest place I’ve ever modeled. The windiest, too! It was so fun to be on a fast boat on the water. I had a ball playing with the pole. I love Miami.”See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!

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Mia Khalifa: From burger joint hostess to XXX schoolgirl

Watch this scene »Mia Khalifa: From burger joint hostess to XXX schoolgirlDate:
February 21st, 2018Duration:
23:39 Dressed up as a student, Mia Khalifa, whom I’m proud to say I discovered, deep-throats and fucks Tony’s cock. Lucky guy. This was Mia’s second fuck scene ever and was shot before she gained so much publicity and, in some cases, notoriety, although in my opinion, that word doesn’t fit. Everything Mia did was good, and the things she did with us, like this scene, were great because she was new and fresh to the scene.By now, you know the story. Mia, who’s of Lebanese descent, became an Internet sensation, pilloried by people in Lebanon and disowned by her parents. Her story was told in mainstream magazines and newspapers, and for a while, she was the No. 1 porn star in the world. But as quickly as she got into porn, that’s as quickly as she got out. Yet, her fame has not lessened.

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Huge Peaches & Cream

Huge Peaches & CreamDate:
February 21st, 2018Photos:
85 XL Girl Gina George was discovered by a TSG editor on a hunt for new sexy hotties with big boobs and well-fed bodies. His search led to Britain and Gina who accepted our invitation to show her sexual talents and plush shape.Gina is only 5’2″ and has 34HH tits. Those are insane dimensions. “I am a filthy, slutty little tart,” Gina said. “I love to suck and fuck hung studs.”It’s a creampie climax for Gina. That’s her favorite thing as it turns out. “A good, hard fuck and a man coming inside me satisfy me best,” says Gina. She has that lusty British big babe vibe that reminds your veteran editors of Samantha Sanders, Toni Evans and Gaynor.Gina’s bed-mate is absorbed in a magazine.

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Grisha's hotness needs no translation

Watch this scene »Grisha’s hotness needs no translationDate:
February 21st, 2018Duration:
23:10 And now it’s time for the Grisha Petrov fuck show. Grisha, a 46-year-old wife and mom from Colombia, sucks and fucks a 30-year-old’s cock in her first XXX video. It’s impressive because Grisha is impressive with her beautiful face, smokin’ body, big tits and sex skills. She gets deep on the cock and lovingly licks the dude’s balls. She sucks her pussy juices off the cock that just came out of her pussy. She rides hard and cums hard. The dude cums in her mouth and she makes sure she gets every drop.Here, Grisha is Taylor’s teacher, but he can’t focus on the lesson because Grisha is wearing a tight top that’s barely buttoned and isn’t wearing a bra, so her nipples poke through. Grisha is trying to teach him Spanish, but all he’s interested in learning is how nice and soft Grisha’s tits feel and how tight her pussy is. Very tight, he told us.

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Terry's Bra Hang-up

Terry’s Bra Hang-upWith all the humping Terry Nova does, it’s a wonder she has any time for laundry. However, she did oblige this once. A head-spinner with a dreamy, sleepy-eyed look most of the time, Terry begins her bra adventure wearing a tight blue T-shirt that makes her tits look gigantic, which, in fact, they certainly are, and a teeny little pink skirt. Almost, but not completely overlooked about Terry are her strong, shapely legs, thick, but not overly thick thighs and her very slap-worthy ass cheeks, very meaty and full. Terry examines some of the C and D-cup bras and mocks them, her own mams safely tucked away in an F-cup. But not for long. She tries on a few bras, or tries to try them on, then abandons the laundry for a quickie with a pussy-toy. Now if you were going out with Terry and she was doing this in your backyard, there would be only one thing to do. Pull up a lawn chair, pop a can, and supervise Terry. Because this girl does need careful tending. After she’d warmed…

Sienna's Southern Comforts

Sienna’s Southern ComfortsWhen Sienna orders room service, what she really wants is pussy service. She loves seducing innocent bell hops that have no idea what they’re in for. But pussy service doesn’t just mean licking and fucking her slit. It also includes feeding her food. So what’s the connection between Sienna’s mouth and pussy? “The way to my pussy is through my stomach. The act of eating is like foreplay for me. I want to make sure that if I’m going to fuck a guy, that he’s worth my time. I want someone who’s gonna feed me slowly and with care-not someone who is going to half-ass it because he just wants to get laid. The guy needs to be as concerned about my pleasure as he is about his. If you service me, I will reward you with a big tip.”See More of Sienna Hills at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!

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