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Breast Pumping Power

Breast Pumping Power“Zis is bra for moms!” Merilyn says when Jacky asks her what kind of bra she’s wearing today. Everyone loves videos with Merilyn speaking. Her accent is as exciting as she is. “Look,” remarks Merilyn, unsnapping one of the cups. It’s a maternity bra designed for a lactating mother to breast-feed her baby. No, Merilyn is not pregnant nor has she given birth. That’s a long way away in the future. Now, what about that bra? They look at the tag. It’s size 40F. Nice. The subject changes to breast pumps. “Do you have any milk in those jugs?” Jacky asks, handing Merilyn a high-tech portable breast pump. The question sends Merilyn into a fit of laughter. Two minutes later, when the girls have recovered, she answers, “I don’t know. You want see?” What happens next? Tune in now and see for yourself!See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!

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News and Weather

News and WeatherYou have seen dozens of weather and news anchors depending upon how old you are. You have never seen a newscaster like Kerry Marie before. She was born to announce the news for the BBB (British Boobs Bureau). It should be no surprise to you that her ratings have busted out. She needs no support, at least on the air. There are plans underway to post billboards of Kerry along the M5. That should slow traffic down. It is all the station manager can do to keep Kerry from wrecking her desk, the way she carries on. Her female co-workers are jealous and have their daggers out, but her male associates could not be happier. In fact, Kerry has her hands full keeping their hands off her pointers. Not only does she do the news and weather, she does the commercials for her sponsors. Here is true talent.Janet Jackson caused a ruckus in the United States just by flashing one tiny boob on television. She only wishes she had what Kerry’s got under her blouse. Kerry’s the best damn news…

Cat Girl's Colossal Cleavage

Cat Girl’s Colossal CleavageDate:
February 23rd, 2018Photos:
70 Mischievous Kitty’s 40G boobs developed late, and growing up, she was shy about her breasts. When she hit 19 is when her breast growth spurt began. Now her tits are spectacular. Her nipples are pierced.XLGirls: Are you assertive or passive?Kitty: I’m a little bit of both. It really depends on the person I’m with and the situation I’m in.XLGirls: What gives you a lady boner?Kitty: I love all the stimulation. In order for me to have the best orgasm I need not only clitoral and vaginal stimulation but if you add nipple and light anal stimulation, I’ll be in pure ecstasy.XLGirls: How often do you have sex?Kitty: Off-camera, I’m not very sexually active anymore, I’ve been so busy concentrating on building up my adult life that I haven’t really had the time to go and find a partner to dick me down on the regular, but when I am in a relationship or some sort of sexual agreement, I like to have sex at least every other day if not e…

Arianna Sinn: Busty Hooker

Arianna Sinn: Busty HookerMaybe you have the same kind of cheap, perverted fantasies as the editors. Or maybe you envision Arianna as a classy, elegant girl-next-door who just happens to have huge tits and the body of your dreams. These photos are for those of you with the cheap, perverted fantasies. Can you imagine Arianna as a streetwalker? We can, and we did more than imagine it. We dressed her up like one!“I think it is exciting to think about, even though I would not ever do it,” Arianna said. “It is very exciting to think about dressing up in sexy clothes and getting picked up by strange men and giving them pleasure for money. I have fantasized about this many times.”Most streetwalkers have to give up their pussies (or at least a blow job and tit-fuck). With Arianna, a back-seat masturbation session is more than enough. Want a date?See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!

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Kinky In Braces

What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done, Lexi?
“There’s been a few things. I bought a tent off the internet for the purpose of losing my virginity. I had sex in it in my grandparents’ backyard. I even brought a mattress out to the tent. I’ve also had sex in my friend’s living room and kitchen while that friend was asleep on the couch in front of us. I like having sex that’s sneaky and undercover. I’ve also given road head and been in a three-way with another guy and girl. And getting my pictures taken like this is pretty kinky. I’m not worried about people I know finding out. In fact, I kind of hope they do.

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Fantasy Fuck

Fantasy Fuck“Look at you,” Asante Stone says as he lays a few love taps on Cici Love‘s lightly tanned can. “Look at that… that big butt. You’re a fantasy.”Girls like Cici are the type of girl our wildest dreams are made of. But this is no fantasy. Cici is going to get the hardest fucking of her life courtesy of our boy Mr. Stone. After some ass worship, Asante lays down on the bed and Cici hops on top. She’s straddling him and teasing his cock through his boxer briefs.“Oh, you feel that?” Asante asks with Cici teasing his cock with her ass. “You like that?”We can tell she does. Asante tears her clothes off and these two can’t keep their hands or mouths off each other. Asante is sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. Cici is sucking and jerking his cock, getting him lubed up and rock-hard for her ready cunt.Cici lets out a soft moan when Asante finally stuffs himself inside her pussy. She’s been eagerly anticipating this slab of meat, and Asante gives her everything she can handle. …

XXX cherry busted

XXX cherry bustedCassie was photographed by one of our European photographers in 2014.“I did not know how many Czech girls have been photographed by SCORE until I looked at the website,” Cassie said. “There are so many girls. I was surprised.”Cassie has the kind of looks and body that was more prevalent 30 years ago. The kind of girl seen on the retro-site SCOREClassics. They’re mostly British but sometimes eastern European, German or Hungarian. Big, floppy natural boobs. A girl-next-door look. A fleshy, voluptuous body and nice legs. Someone who didn’t spend two hours in the gym five days a week. The kind of girl that Voluptuous magazine was created in 1994 to showcase and an alternative to the flashy showgirls and dancers with giant tits in SCORE.“I decided to try a boy-girl,” Cassie explained.This was her first hardcore fuck video.“It is something I have fantasized about trying for some time. I don’t care for anal or kinky sex or being out in a public place, but I enjoy good sex wi…

Cat Girl's Colossal Cleavage

Cat Girl’s Colossal CleavageMischievous Kitty speaks fluent English and Russian. “I also play the flute and piccolo!” Kitty said. She’s got 40Gs busting her bra, and in this scene, she wears a cat-style bodysuit that really does justice to her phenomenal curves.XLGirls: Are you into any fetishes?Kitty: I love the tickle fetish even though I hate being tickled, something about watching someone else get tickle-tortured just makes me very horny.XLGirls: Do you masturbate a lot?Kitty: I love to masturbate but I’m very picky with the porn I watch when I do. I love being cuddled in my blankets in the dark at the end of a long day and watching sensual and passionate porn, and I usually climax before any hardcore action!XLGirls: What about your sexual fantasies?Kitty: I’m all about my pleasure when it comes to anything sexual so my sexual fantasy would definitely be a bunch of men and women in a room strictly there to please me.See More of Mischievous Kitty at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Betty Boobs: flexible, ass-fucked BBC toy

Betty Boobs: flexible, ass-fucked BBC toyDate:
February 23rd, 2018Photos:
76 In her second scene at, 1990s big-boob porn star Betty Boobs takes a big, black cock up her ass and opens her mouth for cum. She also shows off her flexibility by locking her legs behind her head while Rob deep-dicks her asshole. The pretzel ass-fuck position is a favorite of many of us.Betty is now 45 years old, just perfect. After her big-boob modeling days ended, she became a nurse, but like so many girls, she missed porn and wanted to get back into it.“I was a mommy,” Betty said. “They’re all raised, so now it’s mommy’s turn. I was a burn trauma unit ICU nurse for 13 years. I just decided to change it up again. Some might say it’s a mid-life crisis, but I’ve done it before so it isn’t.”If you ask us, it’s more of a crisis when women like Betty stop doing porn.

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A Pasta Pounding

A Pasta PoundingNina loves to eat, but she’s not much of a cook. That’s why she has her man do the kitchen work for her. And judging by his mac-and-cheese pasta hybrid, he’s not much of a chef either. Fortunately, Nina isn’t a picky eater. She’ll pretty much swallow anything as long as you feed it to her. She’s glad to munch on the huge spoonfuls of pasta her man puts into her mouth. But she doesn’t sit back and let her guy do all the work. As long as she’s being fed, Nina will do her part and wrap her huge mocha tits around his cock. Soon, her attention shifts from the pasta to his prick, and she swallows as much of his rod as she can. Pasta is a heavy food, but it doesn’t slow her down when she gets on top of him and squeezes his cock into her fat, juicy pussy.See More of Nina Star at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!

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