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Arianna's Bridal Boob Bang

Arianna’s Bridal Boob BangWe all agree that Arianna is the kind of girl you’d bring home to meet the parents, the kind of girl you might even take the big plunge with and marry. So let’s say you did marry Arianna. Of course, there’d be a big ceremony. A lavish reception with friends and family. But what would your wedding night be like? What would happen when you and your new wife retired to your wedding suite?“Romance,” Arianna said. “Love. Passion. And plenty of sex! I know a lot of people don’t have sex on their wedding night, but I definitely would!”So, maybe you’d be pooped from a night of partying, ready to hit the sack, maybe prepared to break your marital cherry the next morning. But then, Arianna takes off her wedding dress, and that idea goes flying out the window along with your bachelorhood.“I would give you the best blow job I have ever given because you are my honey,” Arianna said. “I would make love to your penis. Then we would fuck however you wanted, and maybe I would…

After-work Nurse

After-work NurseNurse Angelique has had a rough day tending to the sick and the horny at the SCORE hospital. She’s pooped from her labors but she’s worked up and needs to burn off some sexual energy. She strips out of her nurse’s costume and has a mastur-date, finger-frigging her pussy and playing with her huge fucking melons, self-sucking her nipples too. Batteries recharged, Angelique dresses in a open shirt and tight jeans and heads out for…what?See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!

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The Postman Only Cums Once

The Postman Only Cums OnceHer husband thinks that Natalie is a beautiful, sexy and, most importantly, faithful young wife, but when he kisses her goodbye, she has only one thing on her mind as she shuts the front door after him: getting her pussy stuffed. She decides to fuck the first eligible guy she sees, and that just happens to be the postman who knocks on her door. She tells him she wants to talk about a package…his package that is, and she doesn’t want to talk about it, she wants to work it. And so she does, with cock sucking leading into hard and loud fucking on the sofa. And the postman only cums once!See More of Natalie Star at BONEDATHOME.COM!

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Taken In The Cellar

Taken In The CellarWandering alone around the Busty Riding Academy in Hungary, lovely Terry Nova is curious about one of the old buildings. She quietly makes her way down the stairs and turns the corner when she hears a noise. She spies on Carlos the stable hand stealing wine from the cellar of his boss Lord Chandler. Carlos turns to leave and walks right into Terry. Busted! And so is Terry! Terry doesn’t want to tell on him. She wants him to ride her with all of his cock skills. With a twinkle in her eyes, Terry kneels and lowers her dress. Her tits dangle while she lovingly and adoringly sucks his dick and licks his man-bag with her long pink tongue. They fuck against the brick wall, the horseman drilling her hard from behind in the ancient wine cellar. He has Terry kneel on the steps so he can pump her again from behind! Terry sits on his lap and bounces on his meat missile until his payload launches like a Titan rocket. Hanging around dark cellars can have its advantages when Terr…

Angela works it out

Angela works it outA girl with a body like Angela’s doesn’t need to workout, but if she wants to invite us to watch her workout routine, we’re all eyes. Of course, here, Angela doesn’t spend much time actually exercising, unless you count squeezing her big tits and fucking herself with a dildo as exercise.Here’s more from Angela’s first interview in 2003.SCORELAND: You kinda remind me of Lorna Morgan.
Angela: I love Lorna Morgan.
SCORELAND: Any other girls in particular you like?
Angela: I love Linsey. I think I’ve got a little obsession with her. Who else do I really love? I love them all. I really love, I don’t know how to pronounce her name, Orsolya.
SCORELAND: Orsolya. Hungarian girl.
Angela: The XXX shoot with her, I have the centerfold on my wall.
SCORELAND:Let’s say right now, you can have any model for some hot girl-girl action. Who would it be?
Angela: Can I have two? Autumn-Jade and Linsey.See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!

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Tight Tits Poppin

Tight Tits PoppinCheck out Sara Jay‘s tits as they bulge out from her sexy leather outfit. Her fetish gear is so tight around her tatas that all she can think of is ripping it off and ravaging some man-meat.“Whenever I put on this outfit I get an insatiable desire to feel cum all over my body. I want it on my tits and face, in my mouth and all over my ass,” says Sara.Just like you’ve got a thing for big tits, Sara’s got a thing for big cocks. And she wants yours between her breasts. Now. If you even so much as hesitate to slip your rod between her heaving hooters she will punish you accordingly. But you’re not that stupid. You know a fuckable cleavage when you see one, and Sara’s tit-crack is definitely one that needs to be filled. And when you’re done jizzing all over her chest, stick it in her pussy and pound away. That is, if you can still go another round after feeling the fury that is Sara Jay’s funbags.See More of Sara Jay at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!

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Putting The Show In Shower

Putting The Show In ShowerHere in a modern mansion high above the Mexican coastal city of Puerto Vallarta, Leanne uses the fitness equipment in the mansion’s gym.Leanne uses the treadmill and the elliptical and then does hand weights and floor work. Leanne checks herself in the mirror after her exercises then has a nice shower. The water drips off her fantastic body as she uses a hand-held shower head and while she’s in the shower, she does a tits on glass display. Leanne really puts the show in shower!See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!

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Boob Camp

Boob CampAs Autumn and her male co-star are photographed for her first and most popular hardcore boy-girl pictorial and video, the “Boob Camp” drill from her first DVD Ultimate Autumn, a camerman videos the photo shoot action. Autumn loves sex and she was a natural at fucking with the camera rolling. “I like it on top, backwards also, where my back is to him,” Autumn said about her favorite sex position. “It feels different than when I’m on top facing him. I would definitely describe myself as a woman who has to have sex. I wouldn’t be the same without it.”See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!

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It's just you and Kim Anh…and her very wet pussy

It’s just you and Kim Anh…and her very wet pussyBorn in Bangkok, Thailand, now living in the midwestern United States, Kim Anh is five-feet tall and weighs only 92 pounds, and she’s our oldest Asian GILF ever at 63 years old. She’s married, and she came to us through Rita Daniels, one of our favorite GILFs. No surprise there. Rita has an eye for horny women, and Kim is nearly as naughty as Rita…maybe even naughtier.In this scene, Kim gets very intimate with us. We get closeups of her sexy cock-sucking lips, then she lies back and spreads her legs, and we see how wet her pussy is. Very wet. Incredibly wet. She fingers it hard until she cums, and we’re treated to perfect views of her, as if we’re fucking her.“I have sex three or four times a week, but sometimes it’s just anal penetration, which I love,” Kim said. “I’ll get my husband hard with my mouth and then have him fuck my ass. Sometimes he’ll say, ‘Don’t you want me to fuck your pussy first?’ but I’ll say, ‘No, just my ass.'”H…

Hot MILF pie for the new neighbor

Hot MILF pie for the new neighborBetty is on the phone with her friend, talking about the new neighbor. Betty saw him unpacking and liked what she saw. Now she’d like to help him unpack his package, if you know what we mean.“I’m going to go and welcome him properly,” Betty says.She knocks on his door. He, smartly, answers.“Hi. I just thought I’d welcome you to the neighborhood,” she says. “I’m Betty.”Tony invites her inside, and he’s very handsy with Betty considering they’d never met, but that’s okay with her. He can put his hands wherever he wants.“It’s really hot in here,” Betty says as she proceeds to make it both cooler (by taking off her clothes) and hotter (by offering up her tight little body) at the same time.Betty is 43 years old and from California. She’s 5’8″, 125 pounds and measures 32-25-35, so you can pick her up and bounce her on top of your cock. She used to drive an ambulance. Now she wants to fuck on-camera. Fine with us.“I masturbate every day,” Betty told us. “I l…

Boner Lettuce Tomatoes

Boner Lettuce TomatoesScarlett may like her meals quick and easy, but she wants her cocks long and hard. She’s a cheap date and a hot lay. Take her to the drive through and that BLT won’t be the only thing going into her mouth. A hard cock is what she loves most after her first burger and before her second. As she devours the first one, Scarlett wants you to devour her tits. Let her sit on your face so you both can munch-she on her burger and you on her pussy. When you’re done she’ll get to work, lapping and sucking up your cock. Soon it’ll be time for her second serving of meat, and she takes it in her pussy. Scarlett will ride and chew away until you’re one thrust away from cumming and she’s one bite away from finishing her burger. She’s been saving it so that you can cover it in your special sauce. Now you know what to do….See More of Scarlett Rouge at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!

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Sex It To Me!

Sex It To Me!In 2004, beautiful, tall and sexy Eva Notty (pronounced Ehv-a) posed for a Naughty Neighbors photo shoot, and that was the last we heard from her until 2009 when Eva was encouraged to send her pictures to by a friend of hers who’s a SCORE fan. He’s a friend of all tit men now, too for recommending SCORE. Recently Eva Notty unfroze Santa’s north pole with the greatest of ease in the SCOREtv Holiday Edition on SCORELAND. She can do anything! Taking the inspiration from one of the SCORE sites called BigTitHooker, Eva’s a hot escort in “Sex It To Me!” It’s taken you months to arrange a date with her and when Eva finally shows up at your place in a mesh body suit, your expectation and your build-up is so high, you’re just about ready to explode before anything even starts. But no worries. Eva knows how to wind you down just a notch to prevent that until later, and at the same time, she knows exactly how to start you up in her own special way. In her low, soot…

Desirae's Private Morning Ritual

Desirae’s Private Morning RitualIn this very special video, you’re right there as Desirae takes us through her morning routine. First, she shaves her legs, lifting one leg onto the edge of the bathtub and lathering herself up. “The more lather the better,” she says.And what does she shave next? Her pussy! Or her vagina, as she calls it.“I’ve never had a complaint about having it nice and smooth, so I assume that’s what men like.,” she says.She gets right in there, and we do too.Then Desirae slides into the bathtub. “I love the way the warm water feels on my breasts,” she says. Desirae must have the cleanest tits ever because she spends lots of time getting them wet and soapy!When bath time is over, Desirae retires to the bedroom to cream her body, especially her luscious naturals.“This is one of my favorite parts,” she says. We can see why. Desirae creams her tits, then dangles them into the camera, then takes out a dildo to put the finishing touches on a perfect morning: a dildo puss…

Daylene & Sara's Big Juggy Adventure

Daylene & Sara’s Big Juggy AdventureWhat is the number-one male sex fantasy no matter the nationality or race? If you’re thinking of two hot chicks all over you, you’re right. Threesomes of two girls-one guy are number one, way ahead of sex outside the bedroom or role-playing games. Here’s a double big bang and we’ve brought in two very special guests for, as SCORE editor Dave put it, “a historic moment.” For the first time, mega-hottie Latina from California Daylene Rio meets up with Miami’s busty and assy cream queen Sara Jay. You’d think these two superstars of bed-wrecking sex would have crossed paths earlier but they haven’t, until now.Together they will work over a large woodie and extract the sap in a nasty, tits-a-poppin’ threesome. Welcome to “Daylene & Sara’s Big Juggy Adventure.” Boobs are #1 with us at SCORE, “butt” we can’t resist having them compare their butts first while they wait for their mountie to arrive and whip his hose out in their faces. They both have …

A pole shoots its load inside a Pole's pussy

A pole shoots its load inside a Pole’s pussy“When I came to the United States, I had never heard of the word MILF, and when I got divorced, I thought, ‘Oh, what man will want me now?'” said Ellie Anderson, who was born in Poland and lives in Oregon. “But I have found out that many men want me.”Who wouldn’t want a horny MILF with a pretty face and a sexy body, especially one who knows how to go after what she wants, as Elle does in this video.“In Poland, the woman is supposed to be very subservient, and if she does the kind of things I like to do now, she would be looked upon as a whore,” Ellie said. “I am happy to be in the United States!”Here, she’s happy to have Private Ivan in her mouth (he gives her a good face-fucking), then in her Euro cunt, and she’s especially happy when Ivan blows his load inside her 55-year-old snatch. Only in America, eh?See More of Ellie Anderson at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!

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Christy And The Pearl Necklace

Christy And The Pearl NecklaceIf you love Christy, which we all do, then you know how much Christy enjoys a good pearl necklace. You know how much she likes to feel the pearls on her neck and chest and on her breasts. Wait…we are talking about a real string of pearls here! (Even though it is quite dully noted that Christy is a fan of cum, too!) Check Ms. Marks out in this photo layout where she looks stacked in a purple dress and prim and proper in pearls. Almost like the kind of girl you take home to mom. That is, until she starts taking her dress off and rubbing those pearls all over her snatch and tits…then you might not want to take her home to mom. Maybe you want to take her home to your bedroom. Ah, Christy…so horny in those pearls that she plugs her horny cunt while you watch. We don’t know if you will ever find an oyster with a pearl in it, but here, with Christy, you have found one hell of a pink clam!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!

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Petite Chinese babe Alina Li giving a hard cock a sensual handjob

The Great Lineup of 1999

The Great Lineup of 1999The SCORE Girl Lineup used a police-style lineup set for a touch of good humor. Shot in March, 1999, the girls involved in this fun photo series were the very cream of the crop, the best of the new naturals of the late ’90s with the exception of Kerry Marie and Lorna Morgan who were unfortnately not in town during this impromptu photo shoot. The girls with Chloe are Jessica Turner, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Autumn-Jade and Kathy, one of Chloe’s most prolific playmates. Some lineup photos were published in August ’99 SCORE magazine. This concept was the inspiration for all later SCORE lineups. All real boob-men love to see models compare bodies and the lineup concept is the ultimate in this. The girls cut loose and are very spontaneous.See More of Autumn-Jade at CHLOESWORLD.COM!

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Shoot Your Spunk Into My Pussy

Shoot Your Spunk Into My PussyDate:
January 1st, 2018Photos:
70 Molly Howard is an angel wrapped in a red dress. Every day is a holiday of hooters when plump, soft, sweet Molly is the gift.Molly sure knows her way around a man’s pole and where to put it. She’s a very impressive girl and a giver, that’s for sure. We don’t know what Molly’s sex life is like back home but XL Girls wanted to give her the kind of creamy, good action she’ll dream about in her bedroom, so we called in a top gun to do the honors.Face-fucking, tit-skiing and every kind of position, including the difficult piledriver position, was on the menu. It turns out that Molly is great at that unusual and nasty-hot way to fuck. She’s very flexible, as she’s demonstrated in her previous videos.As her cock-man plowed her pierced pussy, which Molly says is always extra-sensitive due to the jewelry, the room was filled with this good girl’s “fuck my pussy” words and pleasure sounds. Molly’s excitement climaxed with a jizz inje…

One night in Venice

One night in VeniceWhether she’s talking, fucking or just modeling, Venice Knight is very comfortable in front of the camera. So, we had her introduce this scene. She’s wearing a pink dress with a push-up bra that exposes oodles of cleavage. She gives us a sneak peek at her body then calls in her stud.“Hey, Lucas,” she says. “Come on over.”Lucas is all too eager to get his hands on this 5’9″, E-cup former Sears catalog model, who in turn is all too eager to suck his cock as deep as she can. Check out Venice’s blow job style. She sucks lovingly but sluttily, knowing that her goal is to pleasure Lucas and get his cock ready for her pussy. And when Lucas sticks his thick cock in her tight pussy, Venice takes it easily and moans with pleasure.At this point, Venice seems to have forgotten that the camera is rolling. She rides Lucas with her shaved pussy then gets on all fours so he can jackhammer her cunt doggie-style. Cunt. There’s a word you never see in the Sears catalog. Finally, he cu…