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The Love Couch

The Love CouchLooking radiant, gorgeous and ready to pop in a few months, Kelly rubs herself the right way in this video. The camera moves in for extreme nipple close-ups. Get prepared to see Kelly in hard, intense self-sucking and vigorous breast massaging. Her tits are huge! Kelly bends from the waist and dangles her magnificent fleshbombs, allowing gravity to do its job. After breastplay, Kelly moves south to her delicious pussy with a buzz buddy at the ready. This scene is also part of the DVD Alone With Kelly Kay.See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!

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The Ines Cudna Interview

The Ines Cudna InterviewThis is a very rare video of Ines talking to SCORE’s studio manager. Ines is actually a very shy girl when it comes to chatting about herself. She is much more assured and confident when she is modeling, wearing a sexy outfit or playing with other girls. But talking about her life, her hobbies and her body makes her feel self-conscious. Ines talks about herself while she takes five from posing and reveals many interesting facts. She likes to box and enjoys watching car races. It’s when the interview is over and Ines flashes her amazing body to the manager and cameraman that she perks up and gets chipper.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!

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Arianna's Big Day

Arianna’s Big DayMost girls wear a bikini to the beach. Here’s Arianna Sinn in the Dominican Republic wearing a lingerie top that doesn’t do much of anything (except allow her nipples to poke through) and panties that don’t leave much to the imagination, either. There are some notable shots in this set. In #15, Arianna’s tits look especially heavy, and after the shoot she would remark, “I don’t think my boobs have ever been so big.” In No. 37, she lifts her tits by the nipples–“They are so heavy!” she exclaimed–then in No. 39, she lifts a nipple to her mouth for a suck. A hard suck, and the evidence is in No. 40, when we get to see Arianna’s lipstick-covered nip. Then she wraps her tits around a dildo in No. 43 before fucking herself deep. All in a day by the seashore for Arianna.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!

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Shake It, Bebe

Shake It, BebeBrazilian women can dance, shake and jiggle like no one else on earth and Angelique has inherited this national talent. Angelique begins this video by dancing, stripping off as she does. She climbs into bed to cream her huge tits with lotion, escalating to rubbing one out, her fingers playing a samba tune on her clit and cunt until she creams. Filmed in London by SCORE.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!

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A Peeping Tom Gets His Cum-uppance

A Peeping Tom Gets His Cum-uppanceMissy is home alone and bored. She’s catching sun by the pool. When she applies some more oil to her chest, her fingers start wandering and soon she’s masturbating. Her fingers are working fast in her bikini bottom when she suddenly stops. “You know I can see you over there,” she says. “Do you want to stop playing with yourself and come over and fuck me?” One of her neighbors emerges from the bushes with his pants down and his cock out. Missy is not pissed: She’s delighted! She drops to her knees and proceeds to show us why Paris Hilton should have her as her BFF: so Missy can show her how to really suck cock! The lad fucks her good and hard as Missy gives noisy encouragement, then he gives her a facial reward.See More of Missy Vega at BONEDATHOME.COM!

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Anything You Want

Anything You WantIn Spanish, “Nova” means “no go,” but that sure doesn’t apply to Terry who’s good to go and so compliant and happy to please that she seems like the manifestation of a dream. S.L. is the collective voice of many when he writes, “What an incredibly, uniquely gorgeous girl. I mean wow. I don’t know about anyone else but I’d love to see some behind-the-scenes footage that really shows how the photogs (and their assistants, etc.) work on a shoot. Your other subscribers may or may not find that kind of thing all that interesting, but I know I would. Thanks, keep up the great work, and more Terry Nova, please.”See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!

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Tokyo Pick-Up

Tokyo Pick-UpGirl of many mysteries. In an earlier decade, Hitomi would have been cast by the great Japanese film directors as a femme fatale actress in their cops and gangster thrillers and their “pink” erotic movies. She knows how to keep a man on edge just with a curious glance and a well-manicured forefinger resting on her lip. This address your contact in Tokyo gave you is in an area where anything can happen. You can either get mugged and robbed or you can meet a gorgeous young girl with enormous, natural tits. As soon as you pull up to the location, your vehicle’s highbeams throw their light on her highbeams and her beautiful face. Your contact didn’t lie. Hitomi approaches, sizes you up and then beckons you to follow her into this shabby building. It’s now or never. Back up the car and take off or walk behind her and let her take you to a secret side of Japan you haven’t seen. It’s your call.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!

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Private school girl

Private school girlAngela White dressed for school. This is not a stretch of the imagination. Angela went to a university in Australia, but she did not wear anything like this.“I usually wear my little Dickie dresses,” Angela informed us. “The brand Dickie came out with little dresses. I always have to order my Dickies from America and pay three times as much. They call them their nurse dresses. They’re short and they button all the way up, and they come in different colors.”In this video. Angela is amazingly talented and extroverted for a new model who’d just graduated from high school. She seems to be as much at home in the SCORE Studio as she would be in her own private bedroom. Jiggling her big, gorgeous tits or rotating a toy dick in and out of her wet pussy, Angela savors every second of the moment as our behind-the-scenes cam records the horny Aussie babe at play.See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!

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Tight Tank Top Titties

Tight Tank Top TittiesCheck out the fresh-faced cuteness of brunette bombshell Cassandra Calogera. At first glance, she looks like a busty chick you might bump into working at a Starbucks or a local sandwich shop. But don’t be fooled…Cassandra is a total freak and a skank to boot. How can you tell? Notice the first dead giveaway: The lip piercing. Chicks with facial piercings put out, man. The bling on their faces is pretty much an indicator of where they want you to coat their mug with your sauce. Second indicator? The wife beater tank top she has on. Why? It’s easily ripped off and it looks great soaking wet. The third sure sign that she wants to get nailed? The huge tramp stamp on her pelvis. Chicks with tattoos by their girly parts are letting you know that they want your eyes to focus on the prize, so they place a big tattoo near it so you look at it. It’s like an X-marks-the-spot scenario. So now that you know that Cassandra is a dirty girl who loves to hump and fuck and pretty …

Brandy Is Good For You

Brandy Is Good For YouDate:
January 2nd, 2018Photos:
65 Brandy Ryder was very memorable in K-Jugs and Feed Her Fuck Her 2. Want your meat baked? Brandy can do that. She can also bake you cookies, brownies and other pastries because baking is one of her many hobbies besides biking, hiking, swimming and other outdoor fun activities.Yes, Brandy Ryder is a woman of many talents. Porn star, web-cam model. But you know that already.“I like to watch girl-girl porn and masturbate with a vibrator,” Brandy said. Yes, Brandy Ryder is a busty, lusty, boner-baking babe.“I’m mature, adventurous and educated, and I love sex, two to five times a day, almost every day. I like role-playing, talking dirty, playing with my big tits and sucking on my nipples while I’m getting pounded hard.” .

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Dangerous Peaks

Dangerous PeaksAnother smoldering pictorial from Tawny. As you may have heard, a man once tried to sue Tawny for giving him whiplash with her large breasts. The case was even televised on The People’s Court, where the judge had a female bailiff fondle Tawny’s breasts to see if they were, in fact, dangerous. The only thing dangerous about Tawny’s tits is how they make balls explode! That’s why the judge ruled in favor of Tawny. She can do no wrong.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!

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Schoolgirl Surprise

Schoolgirl SurpriseDate:
January 2nd, 2018Photos:
51 “I feel bad for my tutor sometimes. He tries so hard to get me to learn stuff, and I just..don’t care. I have other stuff on my mind, like who I’m going on a date with and what cute outfit I’m gonna wear. I’m always thinking about sex, and it doesn’t help that my tutor is a cute, older guy. Don’t tell anyone, but one time we had sex. I was being really naughty and flirty and I saw that he got a hard-on. I was sooo horny my pussy was practically cramping. So I deep-throated him and then he fucked the shit out of me. There was so much sexual tension. It was so hot.”.

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Autumn School Girl

Autumn School GirlSatisfying the need to see huge-chested college freshmen and their huge bras, it’s Autumn-jade to the rescue. Always motivated and teasey to the vid-camera, Autumn seems extra-feisty on the set.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!

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Minka fucks a fan

I’m not going to say whether or not the great Minka has ever fucked one of her fans, as she does in this scene, but I’m going to guess that she has. In other words, I’m saying that this scene is not entirely fictional.I will tell you that Ivan, the guy who fucks her in this scene, is a huge Minka fan. The lucky stiff, he’s also a big fan of Brittany O’Neil, and he got to fuck her, too. The guy almost lost his load before the scene started when he found out Minka was his partner for the day.After this scene was published in SCORE, a reader asked, “Where did you get the idea for this scene?” Was he kidding? As if every SCORE Man in the world hasn’t fantasized about getting with Minka? The short answer is that we got the idea for this scene from the usual source: the swelling in our balls.Minka is very proud of the fact that after close to three decades as a SCORE Girl, she still has many devoted fans. The few times she has been omitted from the voting for Model of the Year or Hardcore P…

Luna gets her fingers wet

Luna gets her fingers wetHere’s Luna Azul, a 64-year-old mother and grandmother from California who started fucking in our studios when she was in her 50s. Today, Luna is going to show you her big tits. She’s going to fuck her pierced, very wet pussy with three fingers. She’s going to spread and finger her asshole. She’s going to talk dirty and tell you how much she loves your cock. Yeah, your cock.Now, you might be wondering, “How does Luna know she loves my cock? She’s never seen it.”Because Luna loves all cocks, sight unseen. This horny swinger basically is a cock slut.Our favorite Luna story is about the time she spent two days getting her 60something pussy pounded by porn cocks in our studio then jumped into a rental car, drove up to Orlando, Florida and spent a couple of days fucking in swingers clubs. If that doesn’t tell you how horny this divorcee is, nothing will. We asked her what makes her horny, and she said, “Being near a luscious, hard cock. Someone once asked me, ‘Do y…

Brandy Is Good For You

Brandy Ryder peels off her red lingerie to play with her huge hooters and finger her wet pussy in this fresh cam-show. She knows what tits and ass men get off to.“Oh, my God she is gorgeous,” Brad shouted out. “Her ass is to die for gorgeous, I would love to lick and kiss her ass and slide my tongue in her gorgeous asshole!”Proof that Brandy gets men boob drunk.“At a house party at my place, my two girlfriends and I were drinking. We started fooling around with each other, We took it to the bedroom where three of us licked, fucked and sucked each other all night.”.

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Covered In Cream

Covered In Cream“I’m a girly-girl when it comes to makeup, nails and my hair. But I don’t mind messing it all up with ice cream and whipped cream and sprinkles when I’m about to fuck. Smear it all over my body; the messier I get the hornier I get. I like it when I get so sticky from the cream that my skin actually sticks a little bit to the guy I’m fucking or the couch. And then of course I want the guy to sprinkle me with his cream.”See More of Hillary Hooterz at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!

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Desirae All The Way

Desirae All The WayIn her first-ever all-the-way boy-girl scene, 19-year-old Desirae answers the question,” I wonder what she’d look like with a cock in her mouth and pussy?” This scene, from the DVD “Desirae All The Way,” opens with Desirae wearing a tube top and a little skirt.“Mind if I give you a little kiss,” her boyfriend asks, but he proceeds to work his way over to her neck and grope her tits. Didn’t he say “kiss”? Well, who can blame a guy for being unable to stop with a girl like Desirae, especially when the guy’s obviously a tit-man like he is. She doesn’t stop him, so he kneads her tits, then he eats and fingers her pussy, then she’s sitting on his face.“I love it when you lick my pussy,” Desirae moans. And he obviously loves it when she sucks his cock. Before long, Desirae’s got her pussy filled with hard cock-meat, and after a brief break for some 69ing, she lies back for a tit fuck.“Are you gonna cum all over my tits?” she asks.Now what kind of a question is that?See Mo…

Tits & Tugs & Tongue

Tits & Tugs & TongueDaylene Rio enjoys pummeling guys’ faces with her tits, just one of her many titty talents. If you saw her threesome with Sara Jay, or any of her previous SCORE sexcapades, you know how horny this little silky-voiced Latina charmer is. Daylene isn’t just an all-right chick. She uses her left hand too. Her first T&T was a few years back when she was just getting her nipples wet in the big-bust world but she already knew everything about giving a man a happy ending with her boobs while the camera rolled. That alone is a solid reason to propose marriage to a girl like this, given the opportunity.While Daylene may be wearing a bra in the opener, she generally likes going braless except when she’s at the gym. “I have to wear a bra when I workout,” Daylene said. “I hate wearing bras. Working out is about the only time I wear a bra.” This is a workout of a kind; the Tits & Tugs Workout. Daylene also has a talent for bouncing her boobs hands-free which you …

Red on top, fire and a creampie down below

Red on top, fire and a creampie down below“Sometimes I wake up at night and I find myself playing with my pussy,” said 53-year-old Sheri Fox, who has a nice patch of red pubic hair atop her cunt. “Usually I’ll just rub myself until I cum and fall back to asleep, but sometimes I’ll grab a big, fat dildo from my nightstand and fuck myself with it.”In this scene, Sheri gets the treatment from a big-dicked stud who’s half her age.“Let me rub that big ol’ cock,” she says. “Give it to me. Rub it on me, baby.”Then she offers up her tits, which are bulging out of a lace push-up bra (not that Sheri needs any pushing-up; her tits are big and firm).“Take it off for me,” she says, writhing, wanting to get the action started. “Rub that pussy for me.”Sheri’s a horny old slut, isn’t she?JMac takes his cock out of his pants.“Do you know what I wanna do with that?” Sheri says. “I wanna put that big ol’ cock in my mouth and suck it.”She does that. And she fucks it. He shoots part of his load on her pus…