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Young and Stacked Ines Cudna Part 4

Young and Stacked Ines Cudna Part 4Ines cannot keep her hands off her body. Perhaps our collective thoughts are controling her, guiding her to explore her fantastic young tits. Foregoing the toys, she uses her fingers to excite her pussy and stretch her labia minora.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!

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Picnic With Arianna

Picnic With AriannaWe’ll go anywhere to photograph a girl like Arianna Sinn. We first shot her in Prague, Czech Republic, then we flew her to Grand Bahama Island and now we’re in the Dominican Republic (where Arianna had the pleasure of meeting mega-buster Miosotis and her ultra-busty natural friends Kristina Milan and Vanessa Del, too).The theme today: a picnic with Arianna. And how is Arianna dressed for this picnic? In red and white lingerie with a plunging neckline. Who wears lingerie to a picnic? Arianna does! Which makes us wonder: What exactly are we going to be feasting on?Tits. Pussy. More specifically, Arianna’s tits and pussy. Enjoy your picnic.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!

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Busty Dildo Lovers 2

Busty Dildo Lovers 2There are two distinct periods in Angelique‘s SCORE career. There is the period from 1994 to 1999 and her second coming in 2002 after a few years taking a break from modeling and traveling and was actually working as a waitress in Germany (she is fluent in German as well as her native Portugeuse). This scene from Busty Dildo Lovers 2 is the second coming. Angelique has filled out and added a few pounds to her gorgeous body. She came to Miami at our request and was as charming, friendly and as sensuous as ever. Her raw sexuality was still pouring out of her. Even taking a break in the SCORE kitchen having a cup of coffee, Angelique looked like some Amazonian goddess stepped out of a space ship. In the video, she stretches out a tight blue sweater and tight skirt, then undresses and sucks and fucks a huge cock-toy, stuffing it into her self-lubing, wet cunt. This toy shoots out a cum-like liquid and that’s what Angelique does at the end, all over her mouthwatering ti…

Creaming Kitty's Pussy

Creaming Kitty’s PussyKitty is trying to study, but the TV in the other room is too loud. But it’s not her brother who’s making the noise, it’s a buddy of his who he was supposed to be home to hook up with. So best friend and younger sis meet up, sit on the couch and start into flirting. There is sexual tension in the air as flirting becomes touching which soon becomes pussy licking and fingering and cock sucking. Then the two fucksters give the couch a hard workout as Kitty rides the dude’s cock for all she’s worth and has a loud, sweaty orgasm. He shows his appreciation by giving her great pair of titties a cum bath…and promising not to mention anything to Kitty’s brother.See More of Kitty Bella at BONEDATHOME.COM!

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Stairway To Hooters

Stairway To HootersOne of the more boobalicious sights in big-tit history was seeing Terry Nova side-by-side with Christy Marks and Karina Hart in a brassiere line-up in Hungary. The photos are in Thursday’s entry in the Hungary For Hooters blog. Ever the quiet one and even amongst her Czech peeps, Terry doesn’t need to say much. Her super-voluptuous body is off the decibel scale. Marille, one of the models from a SCORE Prague special, said about her, “Terry is so sweet and nice, she makes the average girl look like a bee-tch!” You’d never think that Terry is one of Europe’s biggest hardcore stars. She sure doesn’t look like a porn star. Notes J.K: “I think Terry Nova is the closest to an Amazon that there is on Scoreland. I can imagine a sculptor chiseling a block of marble and winding up with Terry Nova as the finished statue.”See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!

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Angela's bedtime toys

Angela’s bedtime toysSCORELAND: Do you watch any sports?
Angela: I love watching soccer and boxing.
SCORELAND: What do you want to try in life that you haven’t done yet?
Angela: I really want to go skydiving. The thrill would excite me.
SCORELAND: What would be your dream car?
Angela: A baby pink 1959 Cadillac Convertible or a black Ford Crown Victoria LX.
SCORELAND: What is the worst thing a man can say to a woman?
Angela: “I fucked your best friend.”
V-Mag: What sexually satisfies you the best?
SCORELAND: The more you turn me on before the sex, the better the sex is. I like to be teased till the point of explosion and then have it rammed into me.In these photos, Angela uses a dildo to show how she likes it rammed into her. Has any teen girl ever been handier with a fuck toy?See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!

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Big-Boobed Boss

Big-Boobed BossIn this fantasy set, Tiffany is your big-boobed boss, a woman who wants you to work very hard to keep her satisfied. How hard? Hard as a cock, of course. She calls you into her office so that you can read some meeting notes to her and all of a sudden she is stripping off her clothes and showing you her lacy underthings. Bet you have never had a female employer who wanted to take your dictation like this. Soon, Tiffany is sprawled on her desk, fingering her pussy and cumming loudly. Does any work get done in this office? It will when Tiffany wraps her lips around your rod and starts giving you a sloppy blowjob!See More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!

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Ass-ume The Position

Ass-ume The Position“Assume the position!” snaps Autumn. We usually don’t think it wise to assume anything, but in a case like this, exceptions can be made. For somebody decked out for discipline, however, it seems that outfit has absolutely no chance at wrangling those oversized hooters of our favorite, whip-wielding wench. Hell, any opportunity to get whipped into shape by Autumn would be welcomed. We have no doubt guys would line up around the block to get a good old fashioned man-ass whipping and then repay it in kind. You know how hot and horny those dominating women can get when they finish putting you in your place. All bend over for Autumn-Jade.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!

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Dallas gets herself off in a warehouse

Dallas gets herself off in a warehouseWhen we interviewed Dallas Matthews, a 56-year-old wife, cougar and former model, we got the impression that she’d much rather fuck than talk.“I would,” said Dallas, who isn’t from Texas. She’s from Seattle, Washington. “Fucking is much better. Being naughty and playing is totally natural.”Dallas doesn’t fuck in this scene. She does, however, get naughty and play with herself in a warehouse. In fact, when the scene opens, her tits and pussy are already out. We can hear the sound of men working in the background, but they don’t know what Dallas is doing. Or do they?“I hope they do,” Dallas said.Dallas is tall. She’s six-feet without heels.“My height doesn’t usually bother most guys. I’ve dated guys five-eight. They were very sexy and fun to be with.”Dallas is fun to be with. She and her husband are swingers. She was discovered by 60Plus MILF Madison Milstar, who knows a hot woman when she sees one.“My husband was the one who said, ‘We should do por…

Straight-from-the-Oven Lovin'

Straight-from-the-Oven Lovin’Cassie’s not the kind of gal who thinks a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but she’ll make an exception to her please her man. Just so long as she can bake and cook in tight, revealing clothing and high heels. But the real fun begins when the muffins come out of the oven. “I think it’s very sensual and sexy when a man feeds me, and it gives me the chance to show him just what I can do with my mouth. When I’m being fed my pussy gets just as hot as an oven and I definitely need to have some goodies put inside of it!”See More of Cassie Blanca at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!

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ShowerHi fellas! It’s time for more of A LETTER TO DESIRAE…I hope you enjoy! Any feedback I get from anyone is always appreciated, whether it be negative or positive. I always try to learn from it. If I get a lot of positive feedback about something, I’ll try to do it more. A lot of people like it when I pout my lips, so I try to do that more. I always try to listen to people. I’m really interested in what they’re thinking about me. And, oh, here are some really hot shots of me in the shower! XOXO DesiraeHi Desirae,
I just think you are the most amazing, beautiful, yet down-to-earth girl on the planet! I cannot begin to count the number of times watching your videos and looking at your pics have made me blow a big white load! Two things I’d like to see from this excellent site (excellent because it has beautiful Desirae, pictures are great, choice of picture sizes, etc.) Love this site!-DavidSee More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!

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A Faceful Of Daylene

A Faceful Of DayleneDaylene Rio‘s stud of the moment Anthony DeSergio wants to get his hands all over her hot little body but Daylene wants to tease him first because she knows it all starts in the big head before it transmits down to the little head. She enjoys working a man up before she rewards him with her mouth, tits and pussy and ultimately gets the splat all over her.So first, Daylene shows off her bad-ass bod and teases his balls blue. She wears tight jeggings and a tight blue cardigan that cling like a wet suit. She’s killing him by prolonging the agony and administers the knockout blow when she pulls her huge tits out of her top and lets him taste them. Daylene tugs off her pants and exposes her crotchless panties made for quick pussy access to fingertips, tongue and tubesteak. She shoves her curvy Latin ass in his kisser. You might as well wave a steak at a ravenous tiger.“Guys have told me that they wished their women were like me,” Daylene says in the understatement of th…

Epic Sex

Epic SexIn the understatement of the century, Amerie Thomas asks, “Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to stick your cock between my tits?” Amerie sinks her fingers into her soft breast flesh as she says this, staring at you. Only a crazy man would say no to this succulent redhead.Rubino is glued to Amerie’s ample ass, rubbing her well-cushioned cheeks as she says this. His hands reach up to touch her big tits. He stands to sink his face into her great divide. A man can get lost between Amerie’s boobs. Amerie’s tits are jiggled and squeezed, her nipples licked and sucked.They climb into bed. He pulls his pants down so Amerie can get down on his joint and get to sucking it. Amerie is a verbal blow job artist, adding lip-smacking and other sounds of satisfaction as her mouth does its magic. This always adds to the excitement. His pole immediately stiffens, ready for a visit inside her pussy.Before that happens, Amerie wants to tit-fuck him. She wraps her hot hooters around his cock, the…

Misty loves cock cream

Misty loves cock creamMisty Luv, a 55-year-old wife, mother and bartender from Michigan (born and raised) takes on Lucas’s big, black cock. Misty has been married to the same guy for 35 years, but that doesn’t mean she has been fucking the same guy for 35 years. Misty and her hubby became swingers about six years ago, and she took to the hobby very well. It was her hubby’s idea for her to come to our studio and fuck strangers on-camera for the first time. We’d like to shake that man’s hand. Problem is, our hands are busy right now.“I like to masturbate. too,” Misty said. “Sometimes I just have to release the sexual tension that has built up, or I’m just horny as hell and no one is around to help me out, so I just have to take matters into my own hands, get out my favorite vibrator and bring myself to a climax.”Fortunately for us guys, we don’t need a vibrator. We just need our right or left hand and a video of a sexy MILF like Misty.“I love slow, passionate lovemaking, but I also love…

A big, thick cock for Payton's first time

Watch this scene »A big, thick cock for Payton’s first timeDate:
January 3rd, 2018Duration:
21:12 First-timer Payton Parker, who’s 46 years old, is lonely. She steps outside and watches the handyman water the lawn. She touches herself then walks up to him. She tells him she likes the way he’s watering. Yeah, he’s a great waterer. She takes him inside and asks him to take a look at the sink.“I’m very lonely,” she says, then she takes him to the bedroom and sucks his cock. She’s not lonely anymore, especially when his big, thick cock is filling her MILF pussy and cumming in her mouth. Gotta give Payton credit: She took on a big one for her first XXX scene and handled every inch.Payton, who’s from Washington and has two adult children, says she likes her men “young and hot.” The guy she’s fucking in this scene is in his 20s.

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Dressed to Thrill

Dressed to ThrillEvery dirty girl needs to soak in a bubble bath to cum clean, and Christy is no exception. Watch her lather up and rub suds on her dugs and run water all over her juicy snatch. Then she gets dressed up for seduction, putting on her frilliest lingerie and parading around as a naughty pinup girl. She vamps it up in stockings and garter belts and gets nice and tarted up so that someone (maybe you?) can come over and, well, cum all over her.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!

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Pervy Pupil

Ava needs to get her grades up. But the only thing she gets up is the tutor’s cock. He tries to get her to care about her schoolwork, but this pervy pupil just wants to suck and fuck.He plays with her pussy. She drools all over his cock and deep throats it down to the balls. Ava loves to suck dick and it shows. And she also loves to get her little pussy pounded. Ava leans over the desk for a ball-slapping fuck, her ass clapping back against her tutor’s pelvis as he drills her. She’s into it, and so are we.Ava’s moans turn up a notch once she’s in reverse cowgirl, and even more so when she’s on her back, so you might want to turn down the volume just in case.

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Chloe and SaRenna Lee

Chloe and SaRenna LeeSaRenna is alone in bed, running a cock-shaped vibrator over her luscious knockers, sticking it inside her succulent honey pot, and fucking herself into multi-orgasm city when precocious pussy lover Chloe Vevrier cums along. Well, what a surprise that is. “How long have you been watching?” SaRenna croons, as Chloe goes down instantly on her, helping SaRenna masturbate to orgasm. Then it’s SaRenna’s turn to pleasure Chloe’s huge tits and pussy. This unbelievable scene had everyone whipping their cocks like sex maniacs. This scene was added to the VHS Bosom Buddies #3See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!

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The hot secretary

Imagine Rockell as your secretary. Your hard-working, efficient, dedicated, beautiful, blonde secretary with a rack that will not stop. She wears tight sweaters, high heels and the tightest skirts around the office. You’d never get any work done. You’d be thinking about her overtime.I asked Rockell if she’s ever seen a woman hit the guy she’s with because he looked her up and down.“I think that goes without saying,” Rockell answered. “Men will be men. It’s a natural thing. They see a beautiful woman and you know they are gonna look.

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Shelly pins down her prize: cock!

Shelly pins down her prize: cock!She calls herself Shelly “The Burbank Bomber,” pro wrestler extraordinaire, champion of the mud pit and the oiled-up squared circle. She’s 50 years old, hails from Burbank, California (as you might have guessed) and weighs in with G-cup tits that strain her bikini to the max. Yes, Shelly is one of the most unusual MILFs we’ve featured. She’s also one of the horniest. Her sexual fantasy?“To do all the players on my favorite football team, the Minnesota Vikings.”We’re pretty sure she could take them all on.Although Shelly has a very sexy occupation, this is the first time she’s ever fucked on camera, and we’re excited that she’s doing the honors for us. She’s proof that a 50-year-old woman can remain physical fit and sexy at the same time. Yeah, she’s a big girl. Yeah, we’d love to take her on.See More of Shelly at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!

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