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While Her Husband's Away

While Her Husband’s AwayChristine is on the phone in her bedroom, telling her friend that her husband is away and she’s ready to go out and party. But somebody is lurking out in the hallway, listening and watching her as she starts to get changed. When she is down to her bra and panties, a workman disturbs her, to tell her he’s finished his job. But she has another task in mind for him, and she makes it very obvious what it is. So he happily gets into licking her clit, enduring a slobbery cock-sucking and then fucking her hard and deep and cumming on her face. Then his job is done.See More of Christine Michaels at BONEDATHOME.COM!

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On Location Prague: Orgy

On Location Prague: OrgyOur man was in Prague to shoot a bunch of Czech lovelies with big, natural tits and pretty faces. Girls who would fuck on-camera like they were fucking off-camera. He wanted to film a four girl orgy with studs but the fourth girl never appeared. He had Terry Nova, Marille and Angelina ready and willing. He was about to phone home and wrap it up. Then the message came in. Forget the fourth girl. Proceed with three.In this case, three is not a crowd. Neither is five when he calls the two Czech studs over to the house and the orgy breaks out in full as he films it. The tit action is intense and so is the fucking. The girls get banged like there’s no tomorrow and take huge loads in their mouths and on their massive breasts.See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!

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Angela's cock-sucking debut

Angela’s cock-sucking debutFor this oral occasion, her first blow job scene, Angela is wearing a tight, green tank-top and very tight jeans. She loves dressing like this every day. But she wants to wear something hotter, hornier, more sexual and less girl-next-door for this special event. Something, as she says, that would make every guy in a room turn their heads and want to get it on with her. Angela wants to show a side of her that no one has ever seen before.“I want to suck some cock,” Angela says as she changes into the outfit she has selected. When the stunt dick enters, Angela is all over him then kneels before him to eagerly unzip his fly and pull out his cock. Angela’s eight years of thinking and fantasizing about performing a blow job in front of countless male eyes, and some female eyes, is now a reality.Being in beautiful St. Maarten, the Caribbean, made Angela even hornier. Just as female tourists become super-horny on exotic vacations, so too is Angela charged with extra…

Arianna's Picnic: It's All You Can Eat!

Arianna’s Picnic: It’s All You Can Eat!Arianna, wearing sexy lingerie, leads you to a picnic blanket in this video shot on-location in the Dominican Republic. As she puts out the wine glasses, the camera lingers over her cleavage. She pours you and herself a glass of wine, then she pulls a banana out of her picnic basket and eats it sensuously. So, for the first time, we get an idea of what it might be like to see Arianna giving a blow job.”I like banana,” she says, but what she really means is, “I like hard cock.”Check out the bra in this video, gentlemen. Arianna’s G-cups look spectacular in this bright-red support bra that creates acres of cleavage. When the bra comes off, Arianna tit-fucks a wine glass and asks, “Do you want to drink from my cup?”Clearly, not a lot of eating is going to get done at this picnic. Before long, Arianna is lying back and rubbing her pussy, then she’s using giant, phallic vegetables on her hungry cunt. So if you’re hungry for food, go somewhere else. If…

Wiggling Wahine

Wiggling Wahine“I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii. Seeing the Islands on TV makes me want to go there even more. It’s so beautiful there. All I need is two weeks to travel to Maui, Oahu, Kuai and maybe the Big Island! Just two weeks! One of these days, I’m going to go because I made myself a promise. I wouldn’t want to live there because I hear it’s very expensive. People have to work two jobs just to make ends meet! You can’t enjoy life like that.”“I honestly think my boobs are growing and getting bigger. They feel bigger and heavier than when I came back to SCORE Magazine in September. So that’s almost nine months. Wow, time flies, don’t it? Do they look bigger in these pictures and last week’s swimming pool pictures?”See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!

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A horny old wife with a great ass

A horny old wife with a great ass“My children would be very surprised to see their old mother in a naughty magazine and on a porno website,” said white-haired Nicol Mandorla, a 57-year-old wife from the Czech Republic. “I am not a person who is usually an extrovert. I am usually very conservative. I am not a swinger and I am not a nudist. I know some people who are very wild sexually, but I am not one of them and this would surprise them.”In this scene, thin, long-legged Nicol is quiet and sexy. She does a slow strip to reveal matching bra and panties under her casual shorts and top then starts playing with her pussy and ass and doing all kinds of good things with them. She really enjoys showing off and spreading her ass, and who could blame her with that bangable booty?“It is a lot of fun to be able to do something like this,” Nicol said. “Most women at my age cannot.”Most women her age don’t look like her. Those who do…well, they’re here!“I signed up with an agency, and they contact…

Makes Men Pop Their Pants

Makes Men Pop Their PantsHave guys ever come into the club (Hawaii Theater in the City of Industry, California) who’ve known about Daylene Rio from SCORE? “Yes, they have, and they’re always very excited to see me,” says Daylene. “I love when that happens because it makes me feel like a celebrity. It’s like I’m the little feature of the club. Guys see me in the magazine and my videos, and then their fantasy comes to life.“I can pretty much do full-on grind. I don’t have to be 20-feet away. They pop all the time. The dance isn’t over until the guy pops in his pants.” And how long might it take the guy to pop when he’s with Daylene? “Oh, I’ve had it happen in 30 seconds,” Daylene answers matter-of-factly. She’s got that pop appeal. You know from the first photo.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!

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Cream for Desiree

Cream for DesireeWearing sheer lingerie, a black thong, garters and stockings, 44-year-old Desiree Dalton is hot and sexy in her first video. Desiree is separated from her husband, but she hasn’t been separated from cock. She’s the kind of hottie men can’t resist. She’s tall (5’10”), has a great body (a firm, athletic 34D-25-35), loves sex and is a swinger.“I became a swinger five years ago,” Desiree said. “I have regular Sunday morning orgies with six couples.”Hey, some people play tennis, some go for brunch. Desiree has sex with multiple partners.Here, she’s with one guy, and we get to see what private time with Desiree might be like. She’s dressed for sex. She’s teasing her man, telling him about all the guys who were looking at her all night. She says men were fucking her with their eyes. And now, she’s going to get fucked with a cock.There are some great moments in this video, such as when Desiree cums while sucking cock and getting her pussy fingered and later when she gets on a…

I'll make you a star

I’ll make you a starIf there is a cock to be had anywhere in the vicinity, Christy will find it and have her way with it. She convinced our cameraman that she needed a break and went for a walk only to find this stud in the warehouse. She tells him that in order to make it in the biz, he is going to have to fuck a star and that means that he should be fucking her. And who could argue with that? Luckily for him, this guy is smart enough to know that when a hot chick wants to fuck you, you fuck her, no matter what, no matter where. That’s why he nails her right in the photographer’s van. And even though Christy clearly says she is exhausted in the beginning of this video, she still has enough energy to suck this cock and mount it like a champion. Watch her cum repeatedly in doggie-style, because when she gets plowed from behind, she loves it!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!

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Teddy Girl

Teddy GirlKerry filling out a black teddy is a sight that makes grown men sweat buckets. The platform heels are an added cock-hardener. This is one of Kerry’s earlier pictorials, made in the spring of 1999 in London. At this time, she was still slim wit huge boobs. When Linsey Dawn McKenzie saw Kerry looking like this in a London nightclub as part of the Sunday Sport newspaper striptease review, she knew that she was perfect for SCORE and Voluptuous, and made the arrangements. Timing is everything, boob brothers!See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!

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Bosom Buddies #6

Bosom Buddies #6The first Kelly Kay DVD-Bosom Buddies #6- is an all girl show starring Kelly, Bozena, Angela White, Brandy Talore, Brittany Love, Mary Carey, Lana Lotts, Kelly Madison, Chaz and Hannah Callow. Kelly plugs Bozena’s asshole with a thick, fake cock after they share a warm, tender shower. How much can they do to each other between the sheets? The boob play is hot, horny and heavy.See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!

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Rub-A-RubDressed like a sporty coed, Ines removes her sexy clothes and rubs her nipples and pussy with her fingers, pleasuring her erogenous zones. Ines was still in the shy, formative stages of masturbating for the camera. Little by little, she became bolder and began reaching for the pussy toys and reaching out to play with the tits and pussies of other hot chicks.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!

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The Ultimate Man Pleaser

The Ultimate Man PleaserThe original reason for the mirrors in this pictorial was so Arianna could see her pussy while she shaved it. That action starts with photo No. 74. But before we knew it, Arianna was grabbing one of the smaller mirrors and looking at herself, and then she was spreading her pussy and checking it out with the mirror, and this photo set kinda became a study in pussy fascination.“I love mirrors,” Arianna said. “I think it is very sexy to watch yourself in a mirror while you are having sex. It is like being a porn star in your own bedroom!”Actually, being a porn star in your own bedroom is one of the themes of the new DVD Big-Boob Finishing School, which stars Arianna, Valory Irene, Sophie Mae, Eden Mor and Lana Ivans as five busty babes who go to Michelle Bond’s school in Portugal to learn how to become the ultimate man pleasers. Of course, as we’ve seen on this website, Arianna already is the ultimate man pleaser, but, hey, creative license, right?“I think any gir…

While Her Husband's Away

While Her Husband’s AwayChristine is on the phone in her bedroom, telling her friend that her husband is away and she’s ready to go out and party. But somebody is lurking out in the hallway, listening and watching her as she starts to get changed. When she is down to her bra and panties, a workman disturbs her, to tell her he’s finished his job. But she has another task in mind for him, and she makes it very obvious what it is. So he happily gets into licking her clit, enduring a slobbery cock-sucking and then fucking her hard and deep and cumming on her face. Then his job is done.See More of Christine Michaels at BONEDATHOME.COM!

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On Location Prague: Orgy

On Location Prague: OrgySCORE‘s man is in Prague to film a 4-girl orgy for On Location Prague. After flying over from the USA, he begins the task of assembling a group of the most-stacked Czechs he can secure, girls with giant natural jugs who will suck and fuck hung studs on-camera.He checks his notes and makes the calls. One by one, the supergirls arrive: Marille, Angelina and the great Terry Nova. They’re eager to get their hands on cock. The fourth girl is missing. She hasn’t shown up. Our guy calls the home office. There’s only three girls. Should he cancel?The answer is swift. These three girls are the fucking equivalent of six average girls. Get two studs over there and film them boning the girls senseless. And that’s what happened after Dennis and Cage come over, ready for action. Terry, Marille and Angelina and their X-Men had a group happy ending and that made the photographer very happy. Mission accomplished.See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!

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Angela's first on-camera BJ

Angela’s first on-camera BJThis was the big one, Angela’s first taste of guy-sausage with the SCORE cameras rolling. She made her decision. Eight years of fantastic modeling, including memorable encounters with other equally amazing busty SCORE and Voluptuous Girls, have led to this milestone in Angela’s life.Angela is dressed in a tight, green tank top and tight jeans. She’d look awesome starting off in that outfit, but she wants to wear something hotter, sexier and tighter. Something that spells out sex in flashing neon letters. Something that signals the sea change in her personal direction. She chooses red, the eternal color of flagrant sex, eroticism and carnality, no matter the country. This not only transforms her appearance, it energizes her already-charged sexual batteries. Angela is a hot girl under any circumstance but now she’s feeling hotter.Everything in life when it comes to sex is a matter of TOP. Timing. Opportunity. Place. The TOP for Angela is now in this Caribbean …

Autumn's Looky Loo

Autumn’s Looky LooThis is a wacky A-J photoshoot (Autumn’s Looky-Loo) because it’s so off the wall (and nothing got on the wall, for that matter). “This was a crazy thing but – oh, my gosh! – it was so much fun.” Autumn said. “I had that silly, big, plastic peter sticking out of my pants, and SCORE boys peeking at me over the stall. The whole idea of me dressing like a businessman and sneaking into the SCORE men’s room was a hoot. It sure was different. I don’t know how we got through it ’cause we were all laughing so hard.”See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!

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Pandora's pierced box

Pandora’s pierced box“My Twitter friends would be jealous if they saw me here,” said Pandora, a 56-year-old divorcee, mother of four and grandmother of seven. What she’s doing here is playing with her pierced pussy in the kitchen. And over at, that pussy is getting fucked by porn studs.Pandora is from Luton, which is north of London, England. She works in wedding planning. She’s a swinger. She likes men who wear suits. The best job she’s ever had?“Shooting for you, of course! Except this really doesn’t feel like a job. It’s too much fun to be a job!”Pandora has brown hair and a sexy voice. When this scene opens, she’s sitting on a kitchen counter and telling us about whom she fucked last night. She’s getting hornier by the second, and she quickly gets her tits out.“Excuse me,” she says. “I’m going to have to lie down and I’m going to have to play with my pussy.”Fine with us! She does herself on the kitchen counter and on the kitchen floor, and when she fingers her wet …

The Shock Bra

The Shock BraThe latest accessory for girls with big boobs, and in Daylene Rio‘s case, huge boobs, the Shock Bra guarantees hot chicks complete protection from street corner playboys and pick-up artists who get handsy.Our charming and superbly proportioned hostess Daylene Rio demonstrates the Shock Bra by putting it on under a tiny sweater and going for a walk.The Shock Bra. Developed after years of research at SCORE. Not sold in stores.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!

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Nurse Alexa to BBC, stat!

Nurse Alexa to BBC, stat!Seems like Lucas faked his way into the hospital because he knew one of the nurses is hot. It’s Alexa Rae. Lucas isn’t very good at playing sick, but he can’t fake a hard-on. Alexa notices and decides to take his pulse through his cock.“I’ve got to get you up some,” she says, although she already seems to have him up.“I’ve got some special tricks the other nurses don’t do,” she says.“I hope it deals with mouth-to-mouth,” Lucas moans.Nope. It doesn’t. But it does have to do with mouth-to-cock and pussy-to-cock.Hey, what kind of fuckin’ hospital is this, anyway?Our kind of hospital, where the nurses are all over 40 (in Alexa’s case, 48) and know how to treat their patients. Now, if you’re really sick, you don’t want to go here. But if you want to get fucked-no, we don’t mean by the insurance company-this is your place.By the way, you guys who love gaping pussies might want to skip ahead to about 18:20. Then you’ll know why they call her Nurse Gaper. And later, N…